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I’m here to give you the best locksmith service you deserve.

Serving New York since 2008

Choosing the right locksmith service can be scary.
You trust a locksmith to come into your house and make it safer, but many companies hire unqualified technicians.
Locksmith For NYC is your trusted advisor for anything lock related.
You will feel safe and secure with our professionals who are called upon to care for your personal property – who treat the situation with the utmost respect, professionalism and highest quality possible.
When you feel secure, you are free to enjoy life!

Our founder moved to New York City in 2005, a new immigrant hoping to start a new life with an honest career. After years of being disappointed by the quality of the Locksmith industry, he founded Locksmith For NYC to bring transparency and integrity back to the business. Per his vision, we strive to give our clients the complete big picture when it comes to their security and privacy. Then we work to design thoughtful solutions that meet our clients’ individual needs. We don’t charge the lowest price in the market, but we are not the highest either. Our prices are always fair. We charge the rate we know is going to bring the highest quality technicians who can find the best solution in the quickest way possible.

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​Licensed Locksmith by the NYC Consumer Affairs


Here are a few words from Tamir Gershovitz the founder and owner of Locksmith For NYC

Locksmith For NYC is not just my business it is my gift.
it’s my opportunity to do more for the other.
I’ll take the opportunity to surpass your expectations.
I truly will do more for you than anyone else in the locksmith industry, I’ll show you the difference.

In all my years in the locksmith business.
I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the highest achievers on the planet and I can say with absolute certainty that I will give you the highest level of services and support.

Everyday I wake up excited and energized to help and support our clients and accounts, everyday is a good opportunity to build new relationships and do good business.

Locksmith For NYC employees share a common belief — that integrity and quality work drive business. Our customers deserve to be treated like we would treat our friends and family. When we quote you a price, that is the price you can expect. When we say we’ll be there within the hour, we really be. And because we know accidents and lost keys don’t keep business hours, we’re available no matter where you are or what time it is.

Honest prices. quick, available service. Knowledgeable experts. When it comes to your security and safety, you should never settle for second best. Call Locksmith For NYC for a free quote today and find out how we can help you feel safer. We are also provides Vendors services.

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Our Franchise

Manager: Ariel Ailds – (917) 423-6777 (Queens location)

Manager: Eyal Ben Benista – (929) 506-5065 (Brooklyn location)

Manager: Niv Odal – (347) 410-8410 (Bronx location)



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