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It’s normal for homeowners and business owners to deal with door lock problems from time to time. You can determine how serious your door lock issues become—the sooner they’re resolved, the better. Unfortunately, most people put off their door lock issues until it’s an absolute emergency. There are several door lock issues that you are unable to ignore since they will develop into a larger problem if they are not properly addressed. By choosing to ignore certain door lock issues you could be actively putting your family or employees in danger, risking unanticipated lockouts, and leaving your property vulnerable to break-ins. Don’t neglect any of the 7 door lock problems that are discussed below, instead, contact a trustworthy locksmith Manhattan as soon as an issue arises. 


1. Loose Door Locks

Door locks contain several moving parts and if one of the components begins to break, the door lock won’t function correctly. Door locks can become loose due to wear and tear or frequent use. Another possibility is that the internal components aren’t connecting the way they should. Although loose door locks may not exactly seem like an emergency, they can be the cause of lockouts and break-ins. If your door locks are loose, it will be that much easier for a burglar to break into your home or business. Once you realize that your locks aren’t working properly, immediately contact a locksmith Manhattan for lock repair services. A trained locksmith has years of experience and will know how to appropriately handle this issue. 


2. Misaligned Door Locks

When a door lock is misaligned it means that the main components of the lock such as the latch or door lock bolt are not lining up with the strike plate. While misaligned door locks are a common door lock issue, they shouldn’t be taken lightly since they can lead to broken door locks or doors. Misaligned door locks can also leave your home and office vulnerable since your doors will not close or lock the way they should. Misaligned deadbolts and latches are often the results of door locks that were not installed properly or because doors or door frames have warped due to external forces such as weather. Whenever you close a door with a misaligned door lock, there’s a chance that you’ll damage the locking mechanism by putting excessive pressure on it. This will only achieve high-cost repairs and weakened security.


3. Broken Key in a Door Lock

Although a broken key in a door lock doesn’t come across as being a big deal at first, it can result in a home or office lockout. Depending on how much pressure was applied to the key, your door lock may have been damaged as well. While a broken key may seem like an easy fix that you can resolve on your own, you shouldn’t try to remove it. By trying to extract the broken key yourself, you’ll likely cause further damage to the door lock and will have to pay higher repair costs. Instead, contact an experienced locksmith Manhattan who can carefully extract the broken key for you, fix any damage that was caused to the door lock, and make you a new key on the spot. 


4. Faulty Door Mechanisms

The majority of door lock problems are caused by faulty door mechanisms. This isn’t caused by door locks that were installed incorrectly or because of low-quality locks, but often occurs due to wear and tear. If your door lock starts to stick due to faulty door mechanisms this can result in a home lockout. The best way to prevent unexpected lockouts is to check your door locks every once in a while to make sure that your door mechanisms are working correctly. Locking mechanisms usually start to show signs of wear and tear before they actually break, so it’s easy to catch small issues before they cause more serious issues.


5. Key Turns but Door Won’t Lock

Sometimes locks won’t lock due to internal wear. As a homeowner, it’s imperative that you keep an eye out for doors that don’t properly lock after the key is turned in the lock. If you don’t hear the sound of the lock or feel any resistance while turning the key in the lock, then something is wrong. If your door isn’t locking, you should contact a locksmith Manhattan. A locksmith can remove the lock and check it for worn or missing parts. The worn lock parts or the entire lock will need to be replaced. In some cases, the lock can be rekeyed.


6. Sticking Keys

If your key is sticking in the door lock, resist the urge to force the key. Forcing the key may result in breaking your key in the door, leaving the lock in an even worse condition than before. The best solution is to call a locksmith before making matters worse. Professional locksmiths will head over to you quickly and will bring the right tools to fix sticking keys without causing any damage. 


7. Turning Lock Cylinder

If you turn your key in a door lock and the entire lock turns, then this means that your door lock is no longer reliable. You may have trouble locking and unlocking your door which is a huge security risk. This problem is usually caused by a loose or damaged set screw and needs to be disassembled and replaced. Since the repairs can be complex depending on the type of lock, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Call a reputable locksmith to replace the set screw for you.  

Many homeowners choose to ignore door lock issues until they’re unable to access and secure their homes. However, waiting until a minor inconvenience turns into a full-blown emergency will result in higher repair costs. Also the longer you put off repairs, the worse the condition your locks get and the higher the chance that break-ins and home lockouts will occur. Instead of waiting until it’s too late, hire a locksmith Manhattan as soon as you notice a door lock problem. No matter what’s wrong with your door locks, a professional locksmith can help resolve the issues. If you’re experiencing any of the 7 door lock issues above, don’t hesitate to call Locksmith For NYC. We are available 24/7 to provide emergency locksmith services.

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