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Getting locked out of your car is never fun. The added complications that come with a car lockout, as opposed to a home lockout are many. First, there is the possibility that you may be stranded in the middle of nowhere, and then obviously, you would think twice about leaving your car even if you find a way to get back home. In other words, losing your car key at the wrong time, could be equivalent to losing your car entirely! 

Hence, getting the right auto locksmith is crucial. Automotive locksmiths are not just mere locksmiths, they are also part-time mechanics! They need to know the basic mechanics of the car. The complexities that arise out of auto lockout situations, the advancement of car door security, and the problems with jammed ignitions make auto lockout situations some of the most demanding. This is aside from the fact that since you are in unfamiliar territory, trust is essential. You must always enlist a  trusted, licensed and verified auto locksmith. This is  crucial to get you out of the hassle of the auto lockout.

Here are the guidelines that you should follow when choosing an auto locksmith. Please note, that at the time of an emergency, the preparatory steps outlined here will come really handy. 

  1. Planning ahead: An often overlooked aspect by most people is having a trusted 24×7 auto locksmith contact at all times. Given the incidence of auto lockouts, and commonality of jammed ignitions and failure of electronic transponder keys, it is surprising how few people have the number of a trusted locksmith at hand. In many ways it could be as crucial as having the name and number of a family doctor, plumber or electrician at hand, if not more. The fact remains that most auto lockouts and ignition jamming incidents can happen out of the blue. Hence, auto locksmiths should usually be on speed dial! 

Make sure that when you move to a new city or neighbourhood, always ask your friends and colleagues of any local locksmiths that they know about. Even a simple search result is good, and you can do the research you need to choose the right locksmith. For example, if you just moved to New York City, one of your first searches should include ‘auto locksmiths in NYC’, or ‘24×7 auto locksmiths’ or ‘auto locksmiths near me’ etc. Keep a record of their numbers with you. 

  1. Sift through referrals and reviews: It’s not an easy task to choose the right trusted locksmith service from the list you gathered. Luckily, you can always see the reviews that they have on Google Maps, Yelp, Bing, and other places. Besides the star rating of the reviews, it is essential that you also see the number of reviews given. You don’t want to choose a locksmith, especially an auto locksmith that has 5-star reviews, but all given by himself and his colleagues at work!
  2. Beware of scammers, as this can potentially cost you your car, and always cross refer a highly rated (both in # of stars and reviews) locksmith service with a friend or colleague at work. This will prove to be very handy.
  3. Cross refer the company website: After you have narrowed down the pick of your auto locksmiths further, you need to be sure of what services they offer. You also need to be mindful of the area you live in. You need to make sure that the locksmith you have selected, offers the services that you are looking for, and in the area that you live, or expect to be at the time of the emergency. 

For example, if you search, ‘auto locksmith in Brooklyn’ or ‘auto locksmith in Manhattan’ you may be directed to many websites that offer their services close to those places, but not within them. Preferably, you need to contact them and inquire of them about their service areas. Also check if they are available 24×7.

Also, you should check if the website lists the services you need. It is preferable that they have all the auto locksmith services. It is preferable that they provide all the possible services and not simply services for auto lockout, or ignition jamming. Given the complexity and variety of automobiles, you may look for replacing and reprogramming transponder keys, full on ignition repair and replacement, and the ability to copy keys of the brand of car that you have. 

Every time you check the website, a follow up phone call is also recommended.     

  1. Trustworthiness: After you have now further shortlisted the auto locksmiths that service your area, you need to check how trustworthy they are. Always inquire about their licenses. Most importantly, they need to be licensed locksmiths in the area that you live in, or expect their services. Besides, ask them if they also have insurance. This is the insurance provided by a professional, bonded auto locksmith in case anything happens to your car during their work. If possible, also inquire if the locksmiths go through constant training and are up to date about everything.
  2. Timely service: Lastly, it is essential that you inquire is their average response time. Now, this can obviously vary if let’s say you get locked out of a busy intersection in Manhattan or in a secluded location in an outer suburb, a good auto locksmith should provide service that is timely and has responders available on call in multiple locations. Auto lockouts are an emergency after all, and you need a locksmith that takes this emergency seriously. 

After you have taken the right steps to choose the right locksmith, it is evident that you will most likely stick with one good auto locksmith. Besides emergency services, auto locksmiths are professionals in making sure your car door locks are secured with the best and latest technology. You may even call them to have multiple copies of your car key handy with you. If you are someone that has an expensive car, and is concerned about security, auto locksmiths can also help service those needs. 


In the event of the emergency itself, always make sure to ask for an estimate of the cost up front. Even though in some situations, the costs do justify the means (since the alternative is to pay up for a new car, or break in through the window!) you may not always be ready to shelve that kind of money. Hence, if you are a loyal customer and well known to the locksmith company, it is quite likely that they can give you a deferred system of payment, or in installments. 

Trust is the most essential thing here, and if you feel that says “I don’t trust this locksmith.”, you should not hesitate to call another one. 

Luckily, we at Locksmith for NYC, have a very professional, and fast responding team that serves all 5 boroughs of New York City. If you are in an auto lockout situation, rest assured, give us a call, and our qualified technician will show up in no time! We are a fully licensed and bonded company and have expertise in many areas of locksmithing. We guarantee that we will win over your trust in no time, and you will likely have us on speed dial!  

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