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Security is one of the most important aspects of running a business smoothly or keeping assets safe. Owners of property must decide for themselves the best brands and locks which could guarantee high-level security to their assets. Master lock is undoubtedly one of the best brands in the market. 

Master lock and key is one such solution for users and all the locks have been properly tested with anti-theft features and provides a lot of security. These high-quality locks are available in different types and then again in several subtypes of locks. Different scenarios and working environments have different demands therefore master locks provide different solutions specifically for such scenarios.

This was not the case since the beginning. Master lock and key of high quality have reached these standards from antique locks over many centuries. Down the line, there were several innovations that led to the modern padlocks of today.


How Master Lock and Key Evolved

In 1778, Robert Barron patented the double-acting tumbler lock, developed further in 1818 by Jeremiah Chubb, who incorporated a spring into the mechanism. Joseph Bramah’s safety lock, patented in 1784, employed a cylindrical key. Convinced of its inviolability, Bramah offered a £200 reward to anyone who could pick it. No one did for the next 50 years. In 1848, Linus Yale patented and improved the Yale compact cylinder lock, which was based loosely on the earliest pin-tumbler Egyptian model. This particular antique lock design is the most prevalently used in padlocks.

With the rise of banking, a different kind of lock – “the combination”, was required for securing safes and vaults. 


Padlocks are some of the most common locks used on the planet. With their varied and ingenious designs padlocks are used both for light security to heavy-duty locks in high-security environments. There are several modern innovations in the padlock industry which make them secure. 


Things to keep in mind while buying Modern Padlocks

Below are five features that should be sought after while buying padlocks.


Avoid buying Cheap Padlocks

Generic items can be available at different price points and not all of them are of bad quality. Even in such products, users will find high-quality service from lower-priced products. Similar things cannot be said for locks. In locks, cheaper prices can mean lower production standards.

This does not mean users need to buy very expensive American padlocks and spend all their incomes on it, but the users must spend a decent amount of money while selecting locks for securing their assets. Proper built of the lock ensures that its greater pick proof. Good workmanship and raw materials used to make the lock are integral in its functionality.


Look for Shackle Covers

To know what a shackle cover is users must first know what a shackle is in a lock. A shackle in a padlock is the long price of the metal that goes from the hole held with a mechanism to the locking hole. Essentially, the shackle is what stops the burglars from opening the padlocks. In the case of most cheap padlocks, the shackles are not properly protected. This can allow the burglars to use techniques like shimming and wrapping to break the shackles and open the lock.

High-quality master padlocks have shackle covers. These are also called shoulder shrouds and literally cover the shackles with a layer of metal. Though this does not make the lock totally pick proof. With increased protection of the shackle, immediate threats can be avoided.


Lock Size Matters

It is generally accepted that a bigger lock is better than a small padlock with similar security. This is because the bigger lock will have better durability and therefore even after subject to heavy damage it will not break. 

The above is only possible when the working of the lock is perfect and the raw materials the lock is made of are of high quality. Well-made locks that are manufactured with strong metals like hardened steel, boron alloy or boron carbide, or molybdenum carbide alloy do become harder to breach when they are larger and heavier. Therefore, users are always recommended to buy master lock and keys with a bigger body and working mechanisms.


Go For Hard Cores

The internal mechanism of a padlock is called its core. It is here that most padlocks can be easily breached if they are not properly manufactured. The core is made up of a number of cylinders and pins. When the keys are inserted the pins are aligned with the cylinders and therefore the lock can be opened. So more the number of pins, the greater is the chance of getting higher security. 

In some cases, the locks may even use extra security pins for anti-pick solutions. While buying new padlocks users can keep this in mind and be on the lookout for 6 or 7 pin locks other than the generic 5 pin padlocks.


Look for an Anti-Drill Plate

Anti-drill plates are ceramic or hardened metal inserts that are placed inside the lock to interfere with any attempt to drill the lock by deflecting the drill or rotating and preventing the drill from gaining any traction.


Security lockboxes

Lockboxes are containers with different kinds of locks that provide users with a safe storage place for important documents, keys, etc. Lockboxes can have padlock mechanisms that are externally attached to the doors or combination locks that open only when the desired combination is entered.


Key lockbox

Key lock boxes are the most prevalent types of lockboxes. Used by property owners and also in commercial spaces, these small compartments keep the keys safe from burglars or any other unauthorized access. These boxes can be left around the building for passing on the keys from one owner to another. These are made from weather-resistant material for longevity and better application.

Now the kind of locks on a key lock box varies. As mentioned above, the locks can sometimes be external padlocks or internal locks. Both of these methods required separate keys for opening the boxes. The latest innovations in this technology include adding four or six numbered combination locks. This eliminates the necessity of keys and also increases security by limiting the opening of the box to a single correct combination.


Features for selecting best key lockboxes

Now to choose the best key lock box suited to the clients, a lot of factors come into play. Firstly, if the box is for residential or outdoor activities, how durable should it be, the locking mechanism on it, the price of the lockbox. The owner must carefully consider all these questions and even how to operate the lockboxes properly. Ultimately, if the needs of the customer are satisfied the lock box shall be ideal for them.

Below are a few of the fundamental features owners need to consider before buying a key lockbox.


Security Features

Look at the locking mechanisms in case of padlock based locking systems and in case of combination locks look for digital alarm systems and other functions. The more the security features on the lockbox, the better it is for the keys.



The residential type is ideal for realtors, relatives, or guesthouse keepers. A wall-mounted key lockbox makes it easy for authorized residents to get in but lock away strangers.

A commercial door key lock box could be used to secure a factory, school, or office’s gate. This means it has to be more potent than the other varieties. The commercial lockbox allows multiple employees to enter a facility- but it restricts the general public. Entrusting keys to individuals in sensitive facilities could be too risky. A lock with a digital lock assures that every permitted individual has access.



The construction of the lockbox is instrumental in keeping the keys safe inside. If the box can be easily opened with brute force, users should not buy such boxes. Also, the box must have good metal construction preferably heavy-duty steel, brass, and lead. When constructed with such materials the box is difficult to tamper with or break open.

In spite of all these features, padlocks are key-dependent. Therefore, if there exists a Master key that can open any such lock. A serious vulnerability is presented. Fortunately enough, there are no universal master keys but something which is somewhat close to it.


Skeleton key

The skeleton key is a type of key that opens many different locks. The shape of the keys themselves gave rise to their name. Skeleton keys typically have a large open circle at the top, like a head and a long thin “body” leading down to the key bits at the bottom. Skeleton keys can only open lever locks or certain types of warded locks.

Skeleton keys are thought to be the miracle solutions for any kind of padlocks. But this is not the case. Many superior quality padlocks have guards and internal features and strong wardings. Wards were first installed on padlocks to discourage the use of such keys and prevent burglars and fake locksmiths from gaining access where they should not. These wards proved to be highly effective, to the point where skeleton keys fell out of favor and wards became more common. 

Wards are most frequently placed both on the outside of the lock mechanism and on the inside as well. Now, skeleton keys are rare, only used to open up cabinets or other pieces of furniture.
Modern master lock and key have high security and several anti-theft features that keep them secured. These padlocks and combination locks are made from high-quality materials, therefore users must always go for these locks for best performance and security.

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