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While lock picking is a skill that is often used by burglars and robbers, it is also how professional locksmiths get back into your home, business, or car when you’ve been locked out. Lock picking is the manipulation of a lock’s components to open a lock without a key. If you’ve been locked out of your property, call a locksmith near you who can get you back inside by picking your locks. 


Why Hire a Locksmith to Pick Your Locks?

Although you can buy a lock pick set and learn how to pick locks yourself, lock picking is an intricate process that is very difficult to master. Learning how to pick locks can be quite the hassle since you’ll have to purchase picking tools and spend a lot of time practicing. If you get locked out of your home, and you don’t know what you’re doing you may end up damaging your door locks and have to pay for repairs! Luckily locksmiths are familiar with most lock designs and all the internal parts. It takes years of training to perfect skills such as applying the right amount of pressure, feeling slight movements from the moving pins and plugs, and being able to visualize the inside of a lock. Leave lock picking to the professionals.


Locksmith Picking Tools

While locksmiths have the experience and knowledge to pick your door locks, they need to use special picking tools to get the job done. Here are some common picking tools that locksmiths use:


Lock Picks

A lock pick is a long piece of metal that curves up at the end and is used to reach into the lock and push the pins up. Lock picks are essential for locksmiths and often come in a lock pick set such as car lock picks, level curtain picks, and safe picks to accommodate for varying sizes. 


Tension Wrenches

The tension wrench is a locksmith’s favorite tool. Tension wrenches come in a few different sizes and styles for different types of locks. Some can be simple L shaped pieces of metal while others have twists and notches. While you don’t need a tension wrench to pick a lock, it certainly makes the job a hundred times easier. Tension wrenches stop any unwanted movement and are great tools for keeping picked pins in position while picking a lock. 


Lock Pick Guns

While a lock pick gun isn’t essential for picking locks, it’s a tool that makes lockpicking easier and faster since it doesn’t rely on the movements of the operator. Lock pick guns use a technique called “raking” to pick a lock. Raking is essentially inserting a wide pick into a lock and pulling it out quickly, bouncing the pins up. Sometimes lock pick guns can get a locked door open within seconds, and other times not at all.


Locks That Can Be Opened by Picks

Every lock can be picked, even if the lock brand claims that their locks are unpickable. However, whether a locksmith can pick a specific lock depends on their skill level. Locksmiths who have years of experience shouldn’t have trouble picking door locks within a few minutes. Here are the most common locks that can be opened by picks:

  • Pin-tumbler locks
  • Tubular locks
  • Wafer-tumbler locks
  • Lever locks
  • Warded locks
  • Disc detainer locks


Before hiring a locksmith to pick your door locks, make sure that they have experience picking locks. Never hire a locksmith who has never picked locks.


Locksmith For NYC Can Provide You With Professional Lock Picking Services

Why hire Locksmith For NYC? Because we care about our clients and offer the best professional lock picking services in New York City! Some locksmiths will drill your lock right away, which will only damage them and make them ineffective. Not only will you have to pay for a picking service but you’ll have to pay for lock replacement as well. Fortunately, Locksmith For NYC doesn’t want to cause any unnecessary damage to your locks. You can rest assured knowing that we’ll attempt various methods for picking your locks and only use the drilling method as a last resort. After we have picked locks, we’ll ensure that your door locks are secure and can provide you with spare keys.

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