Are you looking for the best door locks brands to secure your home or business ? #10 Best brands in United States (Trusted Door Lock Brand) for commercial and residential clients.

10 Most Popular Door Lock Brands

  • Kwikset Lock 

Kwikset locks were founded in 1946 by Karl Rhinehart and Adolf Schoepe. This tubular lock derives its name from the fact that it is quick to install. American Hardware Corporation eventually purchased the brand in 1957, at which time it earned its coveted position as the #1 Residential Lock Manufacturer. Consumers enjoyed relatively inexpensive Kwikset locks until the company introduced its high-quality locks in 1992, the Titan line. In 2007, the first Kwikset keyless security lock, SmartScan, hit the market. It uses fingerprint recognition technology. Although a Kwikset lock isn’t the best lock on the market, it’s still a decent enough lock to install on your interior doors for privacy.

  • Readily available in major retail outlets, such as Lowes, Home Depot
  • Offers low security; easy to pick
  • Very inexpensive lock

Kwikset lock brand



  • Schlage

Walter Schlage, the founder of Schlage locks, patented his first lock in 1909, a lock that could turn a light on and off. In 1920, he opened his first shop and developed the first lock with a push-button center in the doorknob. After many years of successfully introducing a variety of locks, Schlage Company was sold to Ingersoll Rand in 1974, a construction equipment manufacturing company. The Schlage cylinders, Primus and Everest, prove to be the most bump and pick resistant of the low-cost cylinder locks. It is why they are priced slightly higher than other inexpensive locks. Schlage locks are a good value since they are inexpensive and offer a decent level of security.

  • Trusted and widely recognized brand, sold at major retailers
  • Best of the low-cost lock options
  • Can be easily picked and bumped (based on cylinder type)

Schlage Lock brand


  • Master Lock

Inventor, Harry E. Soref started the Master Lock Company LLC in 1921. In 1970 his heirs purchased the company, which was then under the American Brands umbrella, later named Fortune Brands, which is now Fortune Brands Home & Security. Master lock makes safes, combination locks, and padlocks, along with a multitude of other security products. It wasn’t until the 2000s that Master Lock began to really stand out with its new Titanium Series padlocks. The design of their locks won an Industrial Design Excellence award in 2002 from Business Week. A Master lock is an ordinary lock, but it is not the best lock if you’re looking for something that offers high security. It might be a waste of your money if you have to continue replacing it due to it being broken multiple times.

  • They are easy to pick
  • Found at many hardware and retail stores
  • Low-cost options

Master lock brand


  • Mul-T-Lock

Mul-T-Lock is a widely recognized lock brand. The brand’s logo gives you every indication that you are buying a strong lock because it is a picture of a key turning into a strong man. The perception of strength is true, as Mul-T-Locks are among the most durable locks on the market. They are extremely secure. Mul-T-Locks is an Israeli lock company that designs, markets, and manufactures high-security locks. It is known worldwide for its quality lock products, used by many businesses, professionals, and institutions. If you are looking for a high-security lock, this is the best one to purchase. You definitely get your money’s worth.

  • Offers maximum security
  • Cannot be easily broken or picked
  • More expensive than most locks

Mul-T-Lock brand


  • Medeco Locks

Like a Mul-T-Lock, Medeco is also a widely known lock brand, known for its high security. Its history dates back to the mid-1950s when Paul A Powell and Roy Spain started the company in Roanoke County, VA. Its initial claim to fame was in 1960 when Mr. Spain invented a lock feature that had angled key cuts with elevating and rotating pin tumblers. It was intended to offer maximum security. The inventor promoted the lock by offering anyone who could open the lock $50,000. While someone succeeded in opening the lock on their initial attempt, they failed to attempt it again. Over the years the quality has diminished. However, the newer Medeco locks (after 2011) offer better security. If you were to purchase a Medeco lock, it’s probably better to buy a newer model to ensure you’re receiving the best level of high-security lock possible.

  • Heavy-duty security
  • Can’t be picked
  • Expensive locks

Medeco lock brand


  • Yale

Linus Yale opened a shop in 1840 making handmade bank locks. Later, he opened a lock shop in Newport, USA, where he designed the pin-tumbler lock. His best-known invention to date is the cylinder pin-tumbler lock. It is similar to an Egyptian lock, the difference is that the Yale lock has a rotating mechanism and the Egyptian lock has a sliding mechanism. The mechanism prevents anyone from unlocking the lock without the right key. Some time during the 1930s, Yale opened a showroom in the Chrysler Building putting his most exclusive products on display. Yale locks are trustworthy, durable locks and are a household name in lock innovation. If you’re looking for an attractive smart lock, buy a Yale lock. They have some of the most impressive designs on the market.

  • Excellent lock quality
  • Not easy to pick or break
  • Smart locks available

Yale lock brand



  • Arrow

Arrow locks are widely known by business owners and homeowners, as they offer a wide variety of locks, exit devices, and cylinders. They are a part of the ASSA ABLOY High Security Group. They use innovative technology for the designing and manufacturing of drill-resistant, high-security locks. Its enhanced level of durability and high-security is why they are so popular among homeowners and businesses. One of its most impressive locks is the Revolution Stand-Alone lock. It is equipped with a touchscreen locking device that communicates in three languages. Up to 25 users can be assigned to use the lock. If the fact that Arrow locks are associated with ASSA-ABLOY brands is an indication of its trustworthiness, then having an Arrow lock installed is probably a good idea.

  • Great for commercial use
  • Superior quality of durability
  • Not the cheapest but, also not the most expensive locks

Arrow lock brand



  • Corbin

The Corbin company was first formed in the 1840s and surprisingly, locks were not what they were making at the time. At the time of starting the company, they were making ox balls, which were placed over the sharp points of ox horns. Later, they began to make locks. Their initial locks were for cabinets and padlocks. The Corbin company was later changed to American Hardware, which eventually became Corbin Russwin. These locks became popular for high traffic institutions and in schools. The lock’s convenient design makes it easy to install, repair, and maintain, which is why they are a popular option. Initially, they were very hard to pick but as they age, it becomes easier to pick a Corbin lock. If you have a Corbin lock installed, we suggest that you have it serviced regularly and older locks replaced to maintain good security.

  • Offers good protection and privacy
  • Heavy-duty lock construction
  • Made with a cylindrical lock, good for different constructions

Corbin lock brand


  • Baldwin

Baldwin locks are widely known for their strength and design. It is likely why Jackie Kennedy commissioned the company to create rim locks for a private retreat that she owned, which could never be replicated. Baldwin locks stand out due to their variety of aesthetically satisfying designs and impressive durability. Very few home improvement projects exist without using a Baldwin somewhere in the plan. They offer homeowners something that compliments their home, yet still offers them the level of security they are seeking. A Baldwin lock is not the strongest lock on the market, but it certainly isn’t the weakest lock either. It is made with solid construction and is a strong lock. If you compare the weight of the lock with more recognizable brands, you’ll notice the Baldwin lock is heavier, which means it was made with more metal. More metal makes it harder to compromise. When it comes to lock designs, we would have to say that Baldwin is the leader of the pack with the variety of lock designs they offer.

  • 1000’s of different lock designs
  • Cylinder can be changed by using a different lock brand (Mul-T-Lock, Medeco)
  • Expensive

Baldwin lock brand


  • Emtek

Emtek was established in 1981 and is constantly introducing new designs to the market. They offer an extensive range of lock products, which can be customized to include levers, knobs, finishes, or rosettes. Emtek locks are made from solid metal, which makes them extremely durable. These locks are made to order, which means you won’t find them on the shelves of your favorite hardware store. This makes them more flexible than other high-end locksets that you can readily find in most retail stores. They are known for their residential tubular locks, electronic keyless locks, interior door-knobs and levers, and dutch door bolts. Emtek locks have been featured in a variety of trade magazines, such as Architectural Digest, and on popular television, design shows, such as HGTV. This is an expensive lock, but we think you’ll be pleased with the way that it looks and operates.

  • Offers a regular (medium) level of security
  • Can be picked
  • Variety of design options

Emtek lock brand



Who can help me to choose the right door lock for my home/business?

If you’re in the market for locks for your home or business, there is no one better qualified to help you find the right locks than a certified locksmith. Here are the reasons for relying on a certified locksmith to assist you in finding the best locks for your doors.

  • Years of Experience

With the number of years that a locksmith may have been in the industry, they have seen, installed, and repaired a variety of locks. It is logical to conclude that they would know what type of lock you should have installed on your doors. You can’t install just any type of lock on your door. Some doors need to be strong enough to sustain the strength of the lock that is being installed. By consulting with a locksmith, you can find out whether your door can sustain the lock being recommended.

  • They Provide Top Solutions

A locksmith doesn’t have to guess about what type of lock is best suited for your door. They will know because of their training and experience. They can offer you the top solutions for helping you decide which type of lock to use on the doors that you need locks installed.

  • Trained Professionals

Locksmiths are trained professionals, who have attended a credible locksmith school. They have a wealth of knowledge about the hundreds of locks that are available to you. In many cases, they can offer you multiple options to choose from.

  • Knowledgeable

Since a certified locksmith has received training, there isn’t anything that they can’t tell you about any type of lock that you are interested in from A to Z. The information is drilled into their heads so that they can be ready at any moment to assist you with your lock inquiries.


5 Benefits to Choose Locksmith for Lock Replacement/Installation Services

If you’re thinking about having your existing locks replaced or new locks installed, here are 5 benefits to choosing a locksmith to perform the job:

1. A reputable locksmith is licensed, bonded, and insured. If anything is damaged while they take care of your service requests, they will assume full responsibility.

2. They have the tools of the trade and skills needed to perform the job efficiently.

3. Your safety comes first, which is why a locksmith is professionally background checked before they are permitted to work with your locks.

4. They will offer you a quick response when you contact them to install or replace a lock.

5. They offer specialized services that you may not know how to perform.



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