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Let’s be honest, if you get locked out of your business, you will face an immeasurable loss of money and production. To prevent such losses, you must create a security budget that covers the cost of a locksmith NYC. Hiring a commercial locksmith may include the expense of repairing locks and replacing keys if necessary. Calling a locksmith is one way to go, but are there other ways to get back into your business quickly? Yes! Here are the best ways to get back into your business. 


Before diving into the following solutions, it’s essential to assess how severe your lockout situation is. If you’ve only misplaced your key, all that you’ll need to do is get a spare key. However, if you are truly locked out of your office, try the options listed below.


1. Look For Alternative Entrances

Are there any alternative entrances to your office? If you are unsure, check the premises of your building. A business lockout may have fewer opportunities for alternate entry than a home lockout, but it’s still beneficial to take a look. Alternate entries can include anything from an open window to a conjoining door between your business and the one next door. 


2. Check For Spare Keys

Do you have any spare keys to your commercial property? Perhaps you have several duplicates in another location such as in your car or at home. While it can be a minor inconvenience to go get one, fortunately, you won’t have to face the consequences of a business lockout.


3. Call Your Employees

Are there other employees in your building who can let you into the property? If so, great! If you are the only one on the property, give one of your employees a call who has a key. Perhaps they’d be willing to drive over and let you in. This isn’t ideal if you need help before their shift or it’s their day off. 


Are you the only one who has a key to the office? Many business owners believe that they should not give out keys to their staff to protect their business from potential employee theft. However, this can leave you to deal with a lockout on your own. You may want to consider giving out a spare key to several trusted employees.


4. Contact Your Building Manager

If you are locked out of your commercial building, you can try contacting your building manager who has access to a spare key. Similarly to contacting an employee, the building manager must pick up the phone and be available to assist you at a moment’s notice. Although apartment buildings are likely to have a super on-site, not all commercial properties have property managers who are as readily available.


Note that this may not be the best solution if you need to get into your building quickly. Your building manager might not have a key to your office if you’ve changed your locks. It also could be difficult to reach your building manager, and even so, they might not be available when you need them. Additionally, if you’re locked out of your business due to a broken lock, your building management may simply call a commercial locksmith (which is something that you can do yourself). 


5. Contact a Commercial Locksmith NYC

If you get locked out of your business and need to get back in ASAP, calling a locksmith NYC is the quickest and most efficient solution. Whether the lockout was caused by a broken door lock, broken key, or an honest mistake, a commercial locksmith has the knowledge, experience, and the right tools to get the job done. 


Looking for a locksmith NYC? Look no further than Locksmith For NYC. Locksmith For NYC has been serving the New York City area for more than a decade. We are well known for our quick and friendly locksmith services. Locked out of your commercial property in the middle of the night? There’s no need to worry, we are available 24/7!


How Can Locksmith For NYC Get You Back In?

When you hire us, we will get you back inside by using the safest method; picking your locks. We will always leave drilling your locks as a last resort. Locksmith For NYC will not only get you back inside your office but will identify the cause of the issue and resolve it. For example, if your key is stuck, we will remove it and repair any damage caused. Most importantly, we will guarantee that your business locks are returned to secure after we have finished the job. 


We hope that you never experience a business lockout but if you do, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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