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Thanks to advanced technology we have great advances in security, light bulbs, locks and anchors that offer us some guarantee to protect the home. In addition, in case of problems due to loss or breakage, today you have the possibility of copying all kinds of keys, no matter how complex your mechanics, which can be a great peace of mind, but it has a somewhat dangerous reverse, because what does it happen otherwise? What happens if we do not want copies of our keys to be reproduced without permission?

Keys That Go Through Many Hands

This is what usually happens in many situations, for example, hotels and apartments or rooms that are rented for short periods of time. Given the significant number of people who are staying, even if only for a short period, how can we be sure that unauthorized copies of the keys are not made and then reused?

This can be looked at from the point of view of the owner, but fear may also arise from the potential tenant, who receives easily duplicable standard keys anywhere and may not feel well protected.

Another very common case is business and real estate companies. By its own dynamic, an owner is sometimes in need of providing copies to employees so that they can access with some freedom. Although we have the confidence of these people, how can we know that from that key someone can get a copy without us noticing?

There comes a point where it is impossible to have some control over the copies of keys that exist or the hands that may have fallen. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to propose a system of access control to the dependencies, which allows controlling who and when they can access.

Controlled Duplicity Keys

It is an effort and useless cost to spend money on acquiring an expensive and complex system if it is easily overcome. Even the toughest lock in the world becomes vulnerable if you can easily get a copy of the keys. It is one more expensive lock that can be opened without any difficulty.

To find a solution to these types of cases, some manufacturers have developed a key system that is commonly known as controlled duplicity keys. Duplicate control means that, in order to carry out a reproduction of the original key, it can only be carried out in centers arranged with the manufacturer. In addition, to copy this type of keys you must present, together with the original key, the coded property card provided when purchased.

So this type of key can only be duplicated in specialized centers and professionals cannot duplicate it if their originality certification is not delivered. If you need to know more about this type of system, we offer all the information you need without any commitment.

Are There Keys That Cannot Be Copied Or Duplicated

Today there are no keys that cannot be copied or duplicated, what does exist is greater resistance to copying certain types of keys anywhere.

The unenforceable key is a concept with which expert Locksmiths of Griñón like those of us dream in the distant future. In the current times, we have smart keys and security doors that remain our best allies against home theft.

Security Door Keys

We have on the one hand the security doors that incorporate a unique security key system for each door and that are delivered with several games in order not to do more. These keys can be copied by specialists, but in most cases, we will have to use specialized tools to open the door, thieves, too.

These types of mechanical keys are the easiest to copy by personnel with knowledge and tools. They have a long future yet although evolution dictates that we are going towards electronic models and keys managed by digital applications.

Encrypted Security System Keys

On the other hand, we have the smart keys that some electronic security systems have. This type of key can also be duplicated although many of these security systems come with built-in protocols for these situations and it is more difficult, not impossible, to copy the key in the form of a card.

The digital keys according to the model can be copied, not in all cases we have the security of having something unique. Absolute security does not exist, while these locks move towards systems of greater electronic difficulty that may offer greater doses of security.

Anti-Copy Security Keys

This type of key can only be duplicated in the same place where it was manufactured. In addition to the location and qualified personnel we emphasize that whoever wants the copy of the key must prove that he is the legitimate buyer. For all this it is very important to never lose the card with the unique numbers for these cases, losing this code would be impossible to make spare keys.

What Security Key Do You Recommend Using?

Our professional locksmiths advise free of charge on the type of key that is more in line with the budget, the purpose and of course the client. We are committed to choosing the best solution for your security and enjoying the peace that generates such a wise decision.

Bear in mind that it is a great effort to invest in a security system that seems expensive and complex, but then gives us good results when we least expect it. Bet on guaranteeing your first-hand security by a security key and a quality lock to protect your home, your business, your storage room, etc.

A final point to keep in mind is that sometimes the most complex, and most difficult to copy, security keys are also a nuisance to customers in case they need a copy. We must value the safety and comfort provided by all the services available to us.

What Will Be Of The Mechanical Keys?

There is still a lot of time for the key to be considered obsolete, there is a series of documentation and studies that can show that a large majority of users do not know if their key is unplayable, if it is simple to open or close the door. As time passes, the keys will be modernized with the consequent copy of the copy keys, so that no thief will be able to make a duplicate of keys in the first years in the market, this would correspond to a very positive point for the user, but one of the negative points and the difficulty of duplication that entails the use of an unenforceable key, since this service cannot be performed in any place or locksmith, since generally, only the manufacturing companies of this type of lock will be able to do it, so the copy cannot be delivered at the moment that is needed and leads to a problem without immediate solution.

It is for this reason that all the advantages and disadvantages offered by this type of locks must be taken into account and if it is really necessary to increase your security, otherwise its use is not recommended since that would cause more inconvenience to the user more than a benefit, in the same way, the locksmith company in charge of this, always requires a contact number by the users of this type of locks, because in case a copy is requested for these keys, it will be contacted at customer to know if I actually made the request, in case it was not the same.

Can Digital Keys Be Falsified?

Progress in the trade of locksmithing has evolved with the passage of time reaching the technological area, generally, people install electronic or digital locks, in order to provide greater security to homes, for the reason that “they are impenetrable”, but this is not so. As there are advances in the area of ​​locks, thieves improve their techniques to open the doors, preparing to manipulate them, so that the media have been improving, that is, these types of keys can be copied or forged by thieves, despite the constant change that exists in them in code issues, to avoid such situations.

And that is why this type of keys are less safe, on the contrary, they are very safe, but over time they are decreasing their effectiveness, so if you really want to continue using this type of security systems, make sure to change it constantly for that the shelter of your home or office is always consistent and cannot play against it; also when you use security keys that consist of codes issued from smartphones, ensure that you do not download any type of program that can copy these codes since this would lead to the theft of information and somehow the thieves seize it, so You should be careful with the copy of this information.

What Do You Recommend?

First, go in search of the highest quality, which is updated and produced by a reputable company that provides confidence to the customer, so you will feel calm when acquiring this service. Not everything consists of acquiring a good product, but also a trained professional to advise you about the most convenient for your case as well as offering you a good installation service, this way you will avoid some kind of damage during installation; Take into account that the place where you buy your lock, it must be that of your full confidence, so if you buy the product in a locksmith of little confidence, you will run the risk that there is a copy that can reach the hands of a thief. The main thing will always be your security, your peace of mind and, above all, your well-being.

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