Keeping Your Business Secure A Guide to Commercial Locksmith Services In The Bronx

Famous for its Co-Op City, vibrant sports scene, and arts, the Bronx is full of exciting commercial enterprises with diverse business models. That, combined with relatively affordable rent rates, makes the Bronx an excellent place to have or run a business. While unfortunately, the Bronx is also home to crime rates higher than the New York average, with in-depth knowledge of your business’ needs and a good commercial locksmith to help you, your Bronx business can flourish safely.


What Commercial Locksmithing Services Do

A professional commercial locksmith is different to the locksmith you’ll go to when you’re locked out of your home or car, for example. Commercial locksmithing is a specialized service, in which locksmiths employ their excellent knowledge of locks, doors, and security systems made especially for commercial enterprises.

Commercial services typically need more security than the average house. They typically contain a greater amount of wealth, whether from the cash register or the goods themselves, and moreover, if a business is broken into it can have a disastrous knock-on effect on employee salaries, business reputation, and customer satisfaction. For this reason, it’s extremely important to make sure your business is properly secured.

A good locksmith won’t just leave you with the bare basics, though. Alongside a good locking system, that will cover all entrances to and from your building, you’ll also be supplied with extra precautions for safety and some mechanisms that can increase convenience in your business.

For example – door closers are often opted for in schools, hospitals, shared housing units, and offices, so that people can go in and out of rooms without worrying about the door slamming. A door closer has no locking mechanism (unless you install a latch to make it automatically lock) – its primary purpose is to reduce damage to the door with the slamming, and also minimize the noise pollution you would get if people did not take care to close the door.

This is an important aspect of the services you might expect from a commercial locksmith. You can come to them with a list of places that need securing, as well as the problems that come with them – for example, a very small space, a filing cabinet that needs extra security, or people continuously losing their keys – and they will be able to offer you a number of solutions.


What Types Of Solutions Are There For Commercial Enterprises?

Every business is extremely different.


  • A lock which will suit a storefront door.
  • Extra security for glass doors. Most storefront doors are see-through to invite in customers. This is a great way of marketing your products during opening hours, but once the store is closed, you run the risk of a break-in. As well as a good lock, you can talk to a locksmith about rolling security doors, and options to secure them.
  • Securing staff-only spaces or storage rooms – this is often done with a keypad that only members of staff have the access code for.
  • Safes. High value products, such as jewelry, should be locked away overnight.
  • Alarms and CCTV


  • Locking the main door – a high-security deadlock or mortise lock is harder to pick or batter, making it a popular option for both commercial and residential buildings.
  • Security for confidential information. We’re usually focused around protecting data on computers, but the files you store physically are just as important to secure. Filing cabinets, cupboards and filing rooms should all be locked and access regulated to protect sensitive information.
  • Access regulation. If you would like customers to require approval by a staff member before entering, you can have a secretary unlock the door on an individual customer basis.

Apartment buildings:

  • Master keys and skeleton keys. This means one key can open several different locks – a highly popular option for superintendents and building landlords. You can also issue every tenant a master key which will open both the entrance door and their specific front door.
  • Key fobs, key cards, and keypads for building entrances


Finding A Locksmith That’s Right For You

There are three essential things to look out for when picking a locksmith. First, ask for a license number. A locksmith that does not have one is operating illegally, and their integrity cannot be trusted.

Second, insurance. While not legally necessary, this shows your locksmith is prepared for potential damages or problems, and more importantly, that you aren’t at risk for having to absorb the financial consequences should they happen.

Thirdly, you’ll need to make sure that your locksmith is actually able to perform a wide range of commercial services. Hopefully, this will go beyond lock and key services, meaning you’ll have access to more modern solutions should they suit you.

But a good locksmith in the Bronx will offer you more than these three basic elements. Think about their availability – ideally, you’ll want someone with 24-hour services, in case you have to sort out an out-of-hours lockout or an emergency lock repair. In a pinch, you could contact a different locksmith, but going to the same one who installed your lock ensures you’ll have a locksmith on hand who is familiar with the lock and understands what to do with it.

Prioritize friendly and professional service. When you hire a locksmith, you entrust them with the safety of your business, the well-being of your employees, and the safety of your customers or clients – it is really important that you find someone who you feel at ease with and know is trustworthy.

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