Keeping Your Business Safe A Guide to Commercial Locksmith Services in Brooklyn

For decades, Brooklyn has been recognized as one of the most attractive places to start a new business. Known for its unique character, large population, and lower rent prices, Brooklyn has proved a fruitful place for businesses, with thousands of restaurants, bars, cafés, and stores all around the borough. But all that hard work means there’s also plenty to protect – which is why it’s essential that Brooklyn-based businesses know their security needs inside out.


Why are commercial locksmith services so important for a business?

Protecting your business isn’t just about protecting the physical wealth inside – although an empty cash register, safe or storage area is never good news for your business – it’s also about protecting your employees.

As a manager or business owner, you owe it to your employees to keep them safe. Armed robberies in Brooklyn often target businesses, and sometimes the same criminals are able to rob a string of businesses before being stopped. As well as being physically dangerous and traumatic for your staff, they also risk depleting the profits you need to pay them their salary.

Even in less dramatic cases, such as overnight break-ins, where nobody is hurt, in the time it takes to clean the mess, consult with insurance, and repair damages, the store may need to be closed, costing both business profit and employee livelihood.

Doing due diligence in terms of keeping your place of business secure may also have legal ramifications. In a security breach, if your locks or general security system was not up to standard, you may be held liable. Your insurance may also be reluctant to pay for certain damages if you haven’t done your part in securing the property. Do your responsibility to prevent break-ins, theft, tailgating, and other security breaches that could impact you or your company negatively.


Locks and Security For Your Business

All types of businesses require different types of security mechanisms, including locks. The best lock for your needs will depend on what door they’re fitted on. Many businesses prefer to opt for very heavy and large doors to maximize security.

We can also reinforce these doors with a magnetic or electric mechanism, which will not only make the door withstand even immense pressure but will also give you and your employees control over who enters. These systems are particularly favored by jewelry stores, galleries, banks, or any other business where the goods are highly valuable and only a small number of customers enter at a time.

You may have the opposite problem. Supermarkets, bodegas, convenience stores, and commercial shops actually want customers to be able to enter and leave as freely and quickly as possible, even in large numbers. If you have a high customer turnaround, you’ll most likely opt for automatic doors or a large glass storefront that slides shut. These types of doors require a specialized locking mechanism.

Whatever type of business you have, there will almost certainly be a section reserved for managers or staff alone. If that’s the case, think about access delegation. We can provide you with locks operated by keypads, cards, or even smartphone apps. This puts you in control of who gets to access which parts of the business, without the need for copying or replacing keys every time.
Aside from a good lock on all doors and openings to your place of business, you’ll need to consider extra layers of security.

CCTV is essential for monitoring your place of business in the case of break-ins or shoplifting. Alarms systems provide extra security outside of opening hours and can be wired to alert you when there has been a disturbance even when you’re away from the premises.


Which Locksmith Services Do I Need? How Do I Find A Good Locksmith?

There are two essential things to keep in mind when looking for a locksmith in Brooklyn: expertise and reliability. For expertise, consider the locksmith’s credentials. How long have they been in business? Are they familiar with the local area? Do they have experience with a wide variety of locks and services? The most important consideration is whether they are experts in commercial services, which differ from regular residential ones.

For reliability, ask the locksmith for their license number, and confirm that they are bonded and insured (and check with whom). This is in order to filter out locksmiths working illegally without a license, as well as to understand who protects their customers by investing in insurance.

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