The Future of Locksmith Services in Brooklyn

In today’s world, technology is constantly being updated, invented and improved – and busy, in-demand areas like Brooklyn are often the first to embrace new inventions. When it comes to locksmithing trends, we’re already able to access seemingly futuristic tools, from biometric locks to virtual keys. But while they may appear far-off, these technologies are actually perfectly usable, practical solutions for businesses and homes right now,


Which technologies are available?

Some key locksmith technologies being embraced in Brooklyn include:

  • Biometric locks. These use your individual physical characteristics to open the lock. Many parts of the body, such as the retinas or the fingerprints, are unique. In locksmithing, we can utilize this to have the locking system recognize your personal characteristics and open the door for you alone. This technology is already familiar and trusted by people around the world to protect their bank accounts, contacts, and sensitive personal information through smartphones.
  • IoT-enabled locks. IoT stands for ‘Internet of Things’ – it’s a technology in which the internet is used to connect and exchange information across physical products. In locksmithing, that means we can install locks which you open remotely using a ‘virtual key’ on your smartphone, or other-internet enabled device. This technology can be applied to pre existing physical locks, or installed to replace an existing lock. We can also install a lock and key to override digital options in the rare case of a malfunction.


The benefits of biometric, virtual and IoT-enabled locking systems

Biometric systems

A key aspect of these new technologies is that they allow significant flexibility when it comes to access. Virtual keys and IoT-enabled locks don’t necessarily require proximity to open the door, or to decide who can do so. If, for example, you need to let in a member of staff or someone in the family who has forgotten their key, or does not have one, you can do so using your phone from many miles away. This saves a good deal of time and stress, and can be helpful in emergencies.

The fact that no key is required also means delegating access to others is extremely easy. For example, some businesses dealing in accommodation, including AirBnBs and hostels, can simply have their customers install an app to let themselves in, and dictate from afar for which dates and times they should have this access.

But an even greater benefit when it comes to new technologies is that they are constantly evolving. With so many uses and potential applications, it’s vital to stay up-to-date with the changing trends in locksmithing.


How locksmithing trends evolve

What will the world of locksmithing look like in the future? The trends of today affect the trends of tomorrow, and that’s also true when it comes to security systems. Locksmithing is overwhelmingly expanding in the direction of digital technology, particularly in order to increase accessibility and convenience for the consumer. We can certainly expect more innovations in this sphere – particularly with more emphasis put on security.

Trends also change according to the needs of the consumer. At the moment, consumers favor digital locksmithing because it is so convenient – keys cannot be lost, access can be delegated and redelegated remotely, and the standard of security is still dependable. But we also don’t see the consumer demand for a physical lock-and-key disappearing any time soon – so expect innovations in this sphere, too.

The Future of Locksmith Services in Brooklyn
The Future of Locksmith Services in Brooklyn
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