Commercial Locks Installation Services in NYC

Some businesses do one security measure at a time. One company to do the alarm system. Another to install the doors and hardware. But having one company handle all your security concerns has an advantage.

A great security company can design an installation that works together, to maximize your security strategy. They can work within your budget and needs, and suggest security measures you may not have even thought of. A really good locksmithing company has a highly trained team that is on top of hardware advancements and locking systems.

With a professional, not only do you get it done faster by someone who is an expert in their field.
you get the recommendation of someone in the industry who knows what they’re talking about. Update your locking systems and protect your business in the most modern ways available

Von Duprin panic bar Commercial Locks Installation
Von Duprin panic bar Commercial Locks Installation Services
Cylinder Lock Installation
Cylinder Lock installation in NYC
 electric strike installation in NYC
new electric strike installation

Lock installation services including:

  • Our team professionals with many years of experience you get the job done right.
  • Quick, Quality and friendly services.
  • Locksmiths uses the highest quality locksmith tools to make sure the job is completed right and look excellent.
  •  Solutions for any lockout situation. If we can’t do it, nobody can.
  • We can install all types: Series Electric Strikes, Exit Devices, Exit Device Alarm, Series Door Closers, Magnetic locks.
  • We make sure you get the best options for a solution that fits your needs and your budget.
  • When the job done, we make sure you know how to use it. Our professional technicians will explain all the details about how to use your lock.
  • Pro locksmith services expertise you can rely on.
  • Locksmith 4 NYC offer locks installation services to commercial to customers across the five boroughs of  New York City
  • Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens,The Bronx, Staten Island and surrounding areas.
  • Locksmith 4 NYC – The company That Anyone Can Rely On!
  • Quality Commercial Locks installation Services in New York City
  • All types of commercial locks including –
  • Mortise lock set, Cylinder, Deadbolts, Door knob, Lever handle, Electronic locks,  and mechanical locks.


How to choose expert commercial locks installation for your business? 

Experts in commercial locks installations can provide an all-round security system consisting of high quality locking systems and other security hardware like CCTV cameras, that fit your budget. Locksmith For NYC has a trained team of experts that are constantly up to date with advancements in security hardware and locking systems. You can send an email at or drop a text on WhatsApp for installation services offered by our experts. 

Who can install locks on commercial doors?

Professional locksmith services like Locksmith For NYC can help you install locks on commercial doors by recommending the best locks and locking systems in the most modern way possible, with the help of their experience in the industry. You can send an email at or dial (917) 696-8842 for more information on how to install locks on commercial doors. 

How much does commercial Locks installation cost?  

The typical pricing range for the installation of commercial locks by Locksmith For NYC  is $95 – $195, based on the upgrades and installations you opt for. You can send an email at for more information on the costs of installing a commercial lock. 

How can you install locks in office buildings?

Locks in office buildings can be installed by high-quality locksmith tools to install all types of locks like Series Electric Strikes, Exit Devices, Exit Device Alarm, Series Door Closers, Magnetic locks, as well as Mortise lockset, Deadbolts, etc. Locksmith For NYC offers all these locking systems that will be installed by experts to ensure the best quality of locking systems possible. You can send an email at or dial (917) 696-8842 for information on the process of installing locks in office buildings. 

You just bought new door locks for your business and you are looking for lock installation service in NYC?

Locksmith For NYC has got you covered. It offers locksmith services that will help you install new door locks exactly as you need them and will also explain all the details about how to use your locking system. You can send an email at or dial (917) 696-8842 for more information and to acquire professional locksmith services.

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