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A master key system is one that allows multiple keys to open the same lock, It is very convenient for companies that employ several managers to have master key systems.
installed as it allows higher level employees to use the same key for different locks as well and maximizing efficiency and security.
Building a master key system is a complex process that should always be done by a professional certified locksmith you trust.

the opportunity for scamming and fraud is rife here.
shady contractors have been known to steal master key information leaving those companies vulnerable.
It’s important to work with a company you trust, who you intend to use again for service and updating.
Building a relationship with the right locksmith gives you peace of mind.
knowing they’ll be there to handle duplication, lost keys, or regular maintenance.

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Master key systems service NYC
Master key systems


Master key systems including:

  • Customized solutions for any business with interactive service in New York City.
  • Customized to your needs, with our free estimates and no obligation – we will make you full Master key systems plan.
  • Master key systems specifically designed for high-traffic and high-frequency uses.
  • provides excellent security for Apartment Lobbies, Employee Entrances, Student Dormitories, Hotels, Luxury Homes, Airport, Hospitals, Clubs, Businesses and institutions.


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  • Local locksmith company in NYC
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  • We work around the clock to provide you with all the locksmith services you need.
  • Quick service & guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Knowledgeable experts.
  • Licensed Insured Bonded Guarantee.
  • Our company offers a full range of high-quality services and friendly services ready to help in any way.
  • We offer installation, repair and replacement services to customers across the five boroughs – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens,The Bronx, Staten Island.
  • Safety begins with Locksmith For NYC

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