When someone contacts Locksmith for NYC to install, replace or repair their locks, they may not give much consideration to the door’s hardware, such as deadbolts, hinges, chains, etc. However, the door hardware is just as essential to your security as the lock themselves. It is why we stress the importance of making sure that your doors have the right hardware installed. As a full-service locksmith service in New York City, we offer a wide selection of door hardware. Our experienced locksmiths can replace, install or repair any type of door hardware. You may be wondering, if you have high-security locks, do you also have to have quality hardware?

The door hardware does more than compliment the locks, it is an added layer of security. If one level of security fails, the other level of security will protect you. However, this will only occur if quality hardware has been installed. Hardware can greatly contribute to the overall security of a property, you may also be wondering if it increases your level of security. Lock technology has certainly seen noticeable advances over the past couple of decades, and so have accompanying hardware. Since every property with locks and hardware is not the same, it may not require the same level of security.

When hardware is installed on a home, we usually concentrate on securing the front and back door. However, a commercial property, such as an office park, will require security around the perimeter of the property, in addition to security for offices, and specific areas of the property. If you consider these factors, you’ll understand why not every door will require the same type of door hardware. However, where hardware is installed, it should be in good condition so that it can enhance the security of the property.

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Best Door Hardware Services

Door Hardware Products

exit device
Exit Device
electric striker
Electric Striker
magnetic lock
Magnetic Lock
Door closer
Door Closer
door viewers
Door Viewers
Latch Guard Plate
Latch Guard Plate








Chain Lock
Chain Lock
Door Hinges
Door Hinges
door kick plates
Door Kick Plates
door knockers
Door Knockers
door lock filler plate
Lock Filler Plate
Flush Bolts
Flush Bolts
weatherstrip door
Weatherstrip Door
Door Security Guard
Door Security Guard
door flush surface bolts
Door Flush Surface Bolts
door lock strike plate
Door Lock Strike Plate





Door Stops And Holders
Door Stops/Holders


door pulls and push plates
door pulls/push plates






Choosing the Right Hardware

Just remember, when choosing the right hardware, you are not alone. We are extremely knowledgeable New York City locksmiths at Locksmith For NYC, who will patiently guide you through the selection process. There is a wide variety of door hardware to choose from, which includes anything from door brackets to handles. When selecting the right type of hardware for your doors, ( Door Accessories ) consider the level of security that you need. Our locksmith can help you select the right type of hardware, after thoroughly examining the property and the door where the lock is being installed.


They will focus on the existing door hardware, such as deadbolt locks and hinges, to determine its condition and what other type of hardware would complement the existing hardware. One of the most important things to consider when installing hardware, whether for a commercial business or residence, is the durability of the door. It must be a durable door to withstand any amount of pressure applied to it. Whether our locksmiths are installing door closers, door operators, latch strikes, mortise plates, Sliding Door Hardware or doorknobs, they must be installed on a durable door to be of benefit to you.

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