Commercial locksmith services for real estate agencies

Have you ever gotten locked out of an open house or listing? As a real estate agent, it’s likely that you have! And luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Read this FAQ page to find out why it’s beneficial for real estate agencies to hire professional commercial locksmith companies. Locksmiths provide emergency assistance as well as many other services that will be most useful to your agency. Locksmiths and real estate agencies are fortunate enough to have the ability to work hand in hand to save time and energy.


Why Do Real Estate Agencies Need to Hire a Locksmith?

It’s never a bad idea to have a locksmith on speed dial. As you’ve likely experienced, real estate agents sometimes get into situations that are out of their control. Perhaps you’ve gotten locked out of your listing and don’t want to look unprofessional and underprepared for a prospective buyer. Or it’s possible that your agency rents properties and is responsible for changing the lock after a tenant moves out. Whatever the situation may be, think of locksmiths as your best friends who are always there for you in your time of need! Building a relationship with a locksmith is recommended, so you can become familiar with each other’s capabilities and limitations. By getting to know a locksmith you’ll learn how long it will take your locksmith to reach your location. There’s no reason to stress out if you’ve made a mistake, it happens! Just take a deep breath and reach out to Locksmith For NYC for quick solutions.


What Services Do Locksmiths Provide Real Estate Agencies with?

A commercial locksmith perform many different tasks and can provide a variety of services for real estate agencies. By concentrating on the lock-related issues, locksmiths allow real estate agencies to focus on their jobs and not get distracted by safety issues. Here are some of the services locksmiths provide:


Lock Changes

After the previous owner moves out, the first thing that needs to be done is to change or rekey the locks for safety reasons. A Locksmith can efficiently change the locks for your clients for an affordable price.  After you’ve sold a house, make sure that your clients are the only people who have keys to their new house. Changing locks are critical but sometimes overlooked.


Emergency Services

If you’ve ever gotten locked out of a property that you need to show—this one applies to you. Call a professional locksmith and they’ll help you get back inside in no time!


Marshal Eviction Services

It’s challenging when real estate agencies have to evict an owner of a property. Locksmiths can help the eviction process go smoothly by immediately changing or rekeying the door locks as a security precaution.  Make sure to hire a reliable locksmith company like Locksmith For NYC who has the ability to change all the property locks within 24 hours. 


Why Does a New Homeowner Have to Change the Locks?

It’s essential for your clients to rekey or change the locks on their new homes for safety and for peace of mind. You never know if the previous owner has given spare keys to family members, friends, or neighbors. Who’s to say the keys aren’t floating out there still? Tell the buyers to not take any risks when it comes to the possibility of their keys falling into the wrong hands. In most cases, only rekeying is necessary—not lock replacement. Rekeying is a process where a locksmith dissembles the lock cylinder and discards the old pins, replacing them with new ones that fit your client’s new key. This is an easy process that can be done in little to no time with the right locksmith. Encourage your clients to hire a reputable locksmith to change or rekey their homes to avoid dangerous situations.


Why Does A New Homeowner Have to Replace a Mailbox Lock?

As a real estate agent, you should strongly advise your clients to replace their mailbox lock after moving into their new home to prevent the former owner from accessing their mail, as well as anyone else who may have a copy of the key. Stealing mail can be the basis of identity theft and can be prevented by changing the lock. Mailbox locks aren’t rekeyable, so they’ll need to be replaced—fortunately, replacing mailbox locks is inexpensive. Have your clients contact your go-to locksmith so they can have their mailbox locks changed.


Why Choose Locksmith For NYC?

Choose Locksmith For NYC as your locksmith vendor. There’s no reason for you to worry about getting locked out of your listings when you have us to help you out seven days a week! If your client is just moving in, we are here to provide home lock changes for the best prices. Your clients will always be satisfied with our services, we understand that your reputation is on the line and will do our best to keep both you and your clients happy. We are a residential and commercial locksmith company that specializes in many services. Locksmith For NYC understands the importance of strengthening the security measures of commercial locations and we want to help you prevent future emergency situations. Our commercial services for real estate agencies include lock changes, lock repair and installation, key duplication, emergency services, and more! Contact us today. 

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