Marshal eviction notice

Marshal evictions are one of those things that no one really looks forward to. It is a major headache for both the landlord, and needless to say, to the tenant! Locksmiths are aware of this often frequent situation, and play a crucial role that you will soon find out. 


It may be that there are horrible tenants that trash the property of their landlord, are too loud, and come home intoxicated most of the time. It is needless to say why the landlord wants to evict them.The same thing is if they are one of those people that lie low, and may be the best tenant otherwise; but are engaged in illegal activities. In which case it might not just be enough to evict the person, but get them arrested too. 


However; in most regular cases; and this is becoming very familiar due to the recent COVID pandemic; marshal evictions will usually take place for people who simply fail to pay the rent in full for some months in a row. This is not the type of person that a landlord would otherwise want to evict. But in this case evictions become a necessary evil for the landlord. 


The first step towards the legal eviction process is to give a Notice of Payment or a Notice to Comply. In New York, a tenant can be evicted for violation of any non-payment of rent or violating the lease terms of the rental agreement. 

  • The Notice of Payment cautions the tenant to pay the full amount of rent due within a 14-day period. 
  • The Notice to Comply, is a 10-day notice that is given to tenants to avoid eviction. They have 10 days to correct, or pay for the damages of the violation of the agreement. These include property damage, having multiple people in a unit, having pets when told not to etc. 

After any notice period expires, the tenant must quit within 30 days. They are given the 30-Day Notice to Quit

Tenancies can be also ended if the landlord does not want to renew the lease. The notice given for this ranges from 30 to 90 days. 


The next step, if the tenant does not, or can not move out, is the petition for eviction that is filed with the Civil Court. This is also not a short process, and involves many steps. Once this is approved by the court, the Marshals get involved! 


The Marshals themselves only act in accordance with the court. They first request the Warrant of Eviction from the Civil Court.  An authorized officer must first serve a Notice of Eviction before executing the Warrant of Eviction.This needs to be done on a visible and obvious area of the rented space. The working period of such a warrant is usually within a week (6 days) after the mailing date. In the eviction process, the belongings of the tenant are supposed to be safeguarded and not harmed. 


The next step is where Marshal Eviction Locksmiths get involved. 


The usual practice of securing the property after the landlord has successfully evicted the tenant, is for the Marshal to put up a padlock on the property. However, this is only a temporary solution. 


For long-term security, and to deter the tenant from ever breaking into the house again, there must be a more permanent solution. The Marshal eviction locksmith is tasked with solving this issue. They usually accompany the eviction Marshal himself to immediately change the lock on the door or rekey the lock as a security precaution. 


Now, since the entire eviction process needs to take place within a 24 hour time frame, the key to a successful Marshal eviction locksmith is one that can carry out the whole process of rekeying and changing the lock frame of the property within those 24 hours! 


We, at Locksmith For NYC have great expertise in dealing with Marshal Evictions. We are a company that operates on a 24/7 basis and we react well to all emergency situations. This gives us the required knowledge and expertise in handling situations that leave no room for error and have to be finished within a limited time frame. 


Also, due to the unfortunate consequences of the COVID pandemic, these Marshal Evictions will become more and more common. This is especially true in the New York city area, and other such places with larger tenant populations. 


Locksmith For NYC has been a trusted choice for all kinds of residential, commercial, automotive and emergency services for our clients across Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island. We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company. Our locksmith technicians are experts in handling the quick and delicate nature of Marshal Evictions. Call us at 917-696-8842, and make sure to have the Marshal ready to begin the eviction process.  

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