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Secure locks keep you safe and prevent break-ins. And as a homeowner, one of your responsibilities is to keep your family safe by making sure your locks are in working condition. That’s why you should have a locksmith come in yearly to ensure that they are properly working and to recommend lock repair or replacement if necessary. When should you repair your locks and when should you perform lock installation? Read this article to find out!  


The difference between fixing and replacing a door lock is substantial. While repairs generally call for repairing or replacing pins and springs within the lock cylinder, fully replacing the lock requires removing the old hardware and installing new hardware. 


Typically, it’s best to completely replace your locks when they are no longer functioning, unless there are minimal repairs that need to be made. However, if most of the lock is damaged, repairing it will be significantly more expensive and you’re better off opting for lock replacement. Before making your decision, let’s discuss the specifics further. 


When Should I Repair My Locks?

As you lock and unlock your doors every day, take notice of how they work. There are usually clear signs when a lock needs lock repair. Here are several of the signs you should look out for:


Hard to Turn the Key

Have you noticed that it has become more difficult to rotate your key in the lock? This could mean that your lock is malfunctioning and needs to be repaired. 


The Key Sticks in the Lock

If your key is stuck and can’t be removed, you’ll need to call a residential locksmith immediately for lock repair. If your key keeps getting stuck but can be removed, you should still resolve the issue quickly to prevent a more serious situation. 


The Locking Mechanism Is Jammed

The locking mechanism can become jammed over time, preventing the lock from turning when the key is inserted. 



If your locks have been damaged by harsh weather conditions, they’ll need to be either repaired or replaced depending on the extent of the damage.


When Should I Replace My Locks?

While it’s recommended to get a new lock installation once every couple of years, there are several situations in which you should replace your locks promptly. Here’s when you should get your locks replaced:


After a Break-in Occurs

If a burglar breaks into your home, always assume that they’re going to return to the crime scene later. After contacting the police, call a locksmith immediately to replace your locks. Consider upgrading your locks to prevent future break-ins. 


The Lock Is Damaged Beyond Repair

Occasionally you won’t be able to get your locks repaired because the damage is too great. Even if you can repair them, the price won’t be pretty. 


The Lock Is Rusted and Weathered

Exterior locks that are susceptible to inclement weather are more likely to become rusted and weathered. When rust forms inside of a lock, it can prevent you from unlocking your door. If your lock becomes rusty or worn, consider getting a new lock installation.


The Lock Is Old and Worn

Typically locks tend to last around seven years and then need to be replaced, however, this approximation varies depending on several factors such as usage, wear and tear, and weather conditions. If your lock is coming to the end of its life, it’s better to replace it than repair it, to avoid any future issues.  


Call Locksmith For NYC for Lock Repairs and Replacements 

While you are certainly welcome to perform a lock repair or replace your door locks by yourself, we recommend contacting a professional locksmith for the quickest and most efficient solution. Reliable locksmith companies like Locksmith For NYC have lots of experience solving all kinds of lock-related issues. After we properly assess your situation, we will be able to advise you on what your best course of action is. We provide 24/7 emergency services for those who have broken or damaged locks, so get in touch with us at any time of the day!

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