FAQs : Tips to find a Locksmith in New York City near your area 

What’s the best way to contact a Locksmith in New York City?

Most trusted searching is google organic or google map to find a locksmith near you.

What’s the best way to contact you online?

search Locksmith For NYC 917-696-8842 you can find us on google, google map or multiple social media ,we are here to help you.

What are your business hours?

24 hour, We are working Day and Night, Locksmith For NYC always open to serve your needs 

How do I know if it is a trusty locksmith?

Choosing the right locksmith service can be scary but 3 tips to help you to call the right locksmith.

  • First of all Make sure locksmiths provide a license. 

Yes We provide Licensed Insured Bonded Guarantee.

NYC LICENSE – 2028513-DCA 

  • Name of the company – Locksmith For NYC
  • Name of the owner of company – Tamir Gershovitz 

Click on my name and check about me and my company

Are you a local locksmith company?

Yes, We are local locksmith company 

Address: 120 Riverside Blvd ,New York, NY 10069

What areas do you serve?

Manhattan area, Brooklyn area, Queens area, Bronx area, Staten Island area  

Do you work weekends and holidays ?

Yes, Locksmith For NYC open on weekends and holidays with 24 hour locksmith service.

What services do you provide?

We provide 

  • Residential Locksmith Service.  
  • Commercial Locksmith Service.
  • Automotive Locksmith Service. 
  • Emergency Lockout Service and much more.   

What kinds of payment do you take?

We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash

How much does a locksmith cost ?

Its depends on the type of the service you need from the locksmith 

New York City Locksmith services price lists 

  • Service Call: 45$ – 75$ (depends on the hour during the day or night)
  • Typical Range for lock out situation: 95$ – 235$ 
  • Typical Range installation or repair: 95$ -195$
  • Car Keys starting price: 125$ and up 
  • Typical Range commercial locks starting price: 125$ and up  
  • Typical Range for lock change: 95$ and up
  • Safe opening: please send us a picture of your safe help us to give you the right quote.

 Note: that specialty jobs and special locks, could be higher than the average price mentioned

in this price guide.

Can you make a copy of my key?

Yes we can make regular keys, high security keys and car keys 

Why are some listings online I see Locksmith 4 NYC some Locksmith For NYC is it the same company?

Yes it’s the same company as my website with 4 but truly we are a locksmith company for NYC.  For New Yorkers – to serve you with premium service that you deserve 

What is a high-security lock?

  • The lock that No one can open with lock picking tools
  • If you locked the door and you lost your key, there is only one way to open your door.

you have to break the lock so call the locksmith and your job will be done with minimum damage to get you in.

What is the most secure type of lock?

There are many brands for high security locks

 but most popular and recommended in New York City

  • Top brands in New York City – Mul-T-Lock Lock or Medeco Lock

How can I make my door more secure?

  • Changing the bottom lock to high security lock
  • install new top high security lock
  • add on the top lock mul-t-lock top guard plate
  • on the bottom lock install latch guard plate
  • If you don’t know how to install locks call us we can help you 

Who can I call to make my business more secure?

Call Locksmith for NYC – We offer 

  • Security System Installation and full Packages.
  • Repairs any Cameras, Intercom or Keyless entry Services.
  • Top solutions for small or big businesses.
  • To customers across New York City.

We hope that FAQs for locksmiths NYC helped you. 

Contact us anytime – for more information as we’d like to show you what we can do for you


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