Lock Cylinder

There are various types of lock cylinders, which are the part of the lock where the key is inserted. Once the key is inserted, it pushes pins up to fit the height of the key within the body of the lock. In short, it recognizes the right key once the pins move into the proper position. Since purchasing a lock, you will likely need to know a little something about cylinders since the type of lock you purchase, will depend on the type of cylinder you’ll need. You can choose from the key in the lever, key in the knob, profile, deadbolt, mortise, and rim cylinders.

Lock Cylinder 

At Locksmith For NYC, we replace cylinders, repair cylinders, and rekey cylinders. It is very convenient for our customers in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Manhattan, NY to just have the cylinder replaced, rekeyed, or repaired. When you are looking for the right type of cylinder, allow our expert locksmiths to explain your options to you. Our New York City locksmiths take a personal interest in our customers, which is why we take the time to help them understand their options. We offer services for your mortise lock cylinder, rim lock cylinder, single, double lock cylinder, or rim lock cylinder.

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Types of Lock Cylinders

If you’re thinking about having your home or business locks changed, do yourself a favor and read this first. Here is a list of lock cylinders and their function.

Lever Cylinder (Key in Knob) – This is the type of cylinder that is usually found on the standard lever set or knob lock. The cylinder’s depth is based on the depth of the locks lever. The end is based on how the cylinder connects the locking mechanism to the lever. Unfortunately, levers and knobs that have interchangeable cores are designed differently, which means a standard cylinder can’t be used.

Deadbolt Cylinders – To retract the deadbolt, the cylinder must rotate the key. The inside of the deadbolt operates with either a key or thumb turn.

Mortise Cylinders – This type of cylinder screws into the body of the lock and has round threaded cylinders. Spacers may be necessary, depending on the depth of the cylinder. It makes the cylinder flush to the lock. Standard and interchangeable core formats are offered in mortise cylinders.

Rim Cylinder – A rim cylinder is a typical cylinder. It is used in exit devices. While it looks like a mortise cylinder, it has a long tailpiece at the bottom, which the mortise cylinder does not have. Similar to the mortise cylinder, rim cylinders come with interchangeable core formats or standard keyways.

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When you need a New York City cylinder locksmith, contact Locksmith For NYC, where we offer every type of cylinder you can imagine for residential and commercial properties. We offer full-locksmith services in New York City and surrounding areas, which include our 24-hour emergency locksmith services. Our locksmiths install, repair, and replace every type of cylinder in different sizes and with different types of locking mechanisms.

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