Electric door strikes were a total game-changer in the industry when they came on the market. They use electric currents to secure the door latch that can only be opened with a key fob or someone allowing you access. Businesses rely on them to control access in and out of their building. It can be difficult to provide a physical key to every employee, but it is far easier to provide them with a key fob. Since a door strike requires larger locking mechanisms, they cannot be easily compromised. They offer better security and easy access, which is why they are so beneficial. Most can also be controlled through the use of smart technology. They are great as an integrated system or a stand-alone security option.

You can count on Locksmith For NYC for your many locks and key service needs. We are a full-service locksmith service offering a wide variety of electric door strikes. for offices, businesses, residential properties, industrial properties, and commercial buildings in New York City and surrounding areas. When our locksmith installs your door strike, they install the type compatible with various types of hardware, such as mortise locks, exit devices, and deadbolt locks.

Electric strike

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Electric Strike Options

There are primarily two types of electric strikes, fail-safe electric strikes and fail secure electric strikes. A ‘fail safe’ electric strike uses power to lock the door and unlocks to unlock it when there is no power. These are the strikes that are most desirable for emergencies, such as stairwell doors and fire doors. The ‘fail secure’ electric strikes also use power to unlock the door, but it will remain locked even when there is no power. These are installed for high-security solutions. There are various types of electric strikes, which include:

  • Electric strikes with monitors
  • Electric strikes with access control system integration
  • Electric strikes with card readers and keypads
  • Electric strikes with manual override

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Electric Door Strike Locksmith Service in New York City

We offer the most reputable and reliable electric strike locksmith service in New York City at Locksmith For NYC. When you’re considering having electric strikes installed, replaced, or repaired, contact our local locksmiths who service Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and surrounding areas. Our locksmiths have the skills and experience needed to assist with any of your locksmith service needs. We offer a 24-hour locksmith service. Call us anytime!

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