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A signal will sound when an exit alarm is opened. You may notice them in places such as businesses, shopping malls, movie theaters, government buildings, schools, and other locations where there are a large number of people. Exit alarms are required for certain establishments and are a safety requirement. When installing any type of locking device for fire doors or exit doors, there is a code requirement for the opening and occupancy that has to be determined before installation. There is also approved hardware depending on these factors. Standard exit alarms are covered by ANSI/BHMA.

Locksmith For NYC has been contacted by many business owners, building managers, contractors, and management companies to assist with the installation and repairing of their exit alarms. Our local locksmiths work with clients from Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan to identify the best and most suitable exit alarm for their property. We work with the best and most reputable exit door alarm manufacturers, such as Arrow, and Detex.

Exit door alarm lock

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Exit Alarm Applications

If you need to have another exit alarm installed, it’s helpful to know a little about them and how they function. If you operate any of the following types of businesses, you may want to consider why an exit alarm is necessary.

Here are the various exit door alarm applications:

Schools and Nurseries – Used to control and monitor the movement of the children on the premises.

Retail – Used to prevent theft

Hospitals and Healthcare – Used to monitor patient and client movement

Warehouses – Used to minimize the reduction of inventory

Hotels – used to reduce the potential of danger created by unauthorized entry

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Exit Alarm Locksmith Service in New York City

As the preferred exit alarm locksmith service in New York City, Locksmith For NYC takes our responsibility to install, repair, and maintain your exit alarm seriously. We have expert locksmiths within the New York City area who can assist with your many locksmith service needs, including the repairing and installation of your panic bars and exit door alarms. They always ensure the exit door is installed appropriately to ensure maximum efficiency, helping to keep everyone safe and secure.

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