It would be impossible to imagine that anyone hasn’t heard of a keyless lock. Keyless locks are more common today than a decade ago. As we are accustomed to receiving services and products that offer us convenience, manufacturers have developed many products that offer convenience, such as keyless locks. The reason they are so convenient is that they do not require a key to lock and unlock. You can conveniently do this from anywhere. Many keyless locks are electronic and have backlit keypads. There are various types of keyless locks to select from, such as mechanical locks, keyless levers and knobs, keyless deadbolts, and keyless handle sets. The keyless handle set offers the functionality of a keyless lock but with the style of a standard entry lock along with a keyless handle set. They won’t have to be replaced when you lose your key, you never have to be locked out, and you will not have to carry around a bunch of keys.

Locksmith For NYC offers keyless handle sets from top manufacturers, which include Baldwin, Emtek, and Schlage. Our most discerning customers in New York City and surrounding areas depend on us for the most reliable keyless handle sets. With the selection of keyless locks that we offer, we are confident that you’ll find the perfect finish, lever, or knob to compliment your interior. We love the style and function of keyless locks, which is why we offer such a large variety.

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Types of Keyless Locks

There are various types of keyless locks, which include the following:

  • Digital Deadbolt – Your deadbolt lock can be locked and unlocked via a Bluetooth-enabled device. You can lock and unlock your deadbolt lock as long as the digital device is within range of your lock.


  • Touchscreen – When you have programmed your lock, and the correct code is inserted you gain access. No key is needed!


  • SmartCode – It has an electronic keypad and deadbolt. They feature a backlit keypad making it visible at night.


  • Flex-Lock & Aut-Lock – This type of lock can be programmed to automatically relock after a few seconds of inactivity. Access codes can be programmed and deleted whenever you like. An Auto-Lock keyless lock will automatically lock at a specific time, usually within 3 to 5 seconds of being opened.

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Keyless Lock Set Locksmith in New York City

If you’re interested in hiring a keyless lockset locksmith in New York City, you can rely on Locksmith For NYC. We provide the most advanced lock technology to our customers in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, the Bronx, and surrounding areas. When you’re ready to splurge on electronic keyless smart lock installation, we hope you’ll allow our expert locksmiths to provide you with the services you want and need. They can effectively provide you with advanced security with the convenience of a smart lockset.

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