If you are looking for ease of entry, you may want to have a lever handle lock installed on your doors. They are beneficial in households where there are older adults who find it challenging to get a firm grip on a door knob to turn. The same is true of small children, it may be difficult for them to get a grip on knob, making a lever a much better option. With a lever, all you have to do is push it down or up. Levers are offered in a variety of modern designs, making many of them more appealing to consumers who like the modern or contemporary design aesthetic. The lever lock is best known for its easy of accessibility and use. They come in a variety of finishes and come keyed or unkeyed.

Locksmith For NYC is a local locksmith company providing its customers in New York City and surrounding areas with residential and commercial full-service locksmith services. With our expert locksmiths handling the installation of various types of locks, they can also install your lever door handle lock. With such brand names as Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Assa, Kaba, and Falcon offering lever handle locks, there is no shortage of reliable, durable lever lock handles to choose from. We offer lever lock installation, lock repairs, lock replacement, and lock rekeying services.

Lever Handle lock

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Decorative & Functional Lever Handles

When you have seen lever handles and determined that you would like to have them installed, you are among millions who have them installed in their homes and businesses. Their decorative features and easy functionality make them a great option for anyone. They aren’t often the only door handles installed in a home or business, rather, they are usually installed where ease of access is needed. They are often used for privacy purposes more than security purposes, which is why they are installed on the interior. While they don’t offer the best level of security, they still offer some security, which is another reason it is considered a functional handle lock.

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Expert Lever Lock Locksmith Service in New York City

When it’s time to have level locks installed, you may want an expert lever lock locksmith in New York City to handle the job for you, such as Locksmith For NYC. Our team of professional locksmiths provide locksmiths services to our clients in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx and surrounding areas. If you’re in the market for new hardware, such as lever locks, you can always rely on us. With our 24 hour locksmith service, we can assist with your lever lock installation, lock replacement, lock rekeying, hardware replacement, and lock repairs.

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Lever Handle Lock Products and Lever Handle Lock Service in New York City

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