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Your first line of defense against an intrusion is your locks. Most business owners realize this, which is why they take every necessary precaution to ensure they have the right locks for their storefronts. While the types of storefront locks that you have to choose from may differ in design they all require the same primary function, to secure your business by keeping the door locked. The storefront locks installed most often include deadlocks, hookbolt locks, and deadlatch locks. The deadlock is most commonly installed in storefront doors.

It is because of the lock’s thick laminated steel bolt that it achieves maximum security. They are designed for use on swing doors and not for sliding doors. Most storefronts have deadlocks installed on their doors. Hookbolt functions and operates like a deadlock, except it is shaped like a bolt. The deadlatch lock uses a spring latch bolt to secure the door. They are often installed where people are exiting the building, not entering.

When you require a storefront door lock, rely on the expert locksmiths at Locksmith For NYC to install it for you. Our locksmiths have installed every type of storefront lock, including the deadlatch lock. We offer storefront lock installation and repair services in Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and other areas in the vicinity. Protect your investment by having the right type of lock installed on your storefront doors.

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StoreFront Lock Considerations

If you’re the proud owner of a store, you’ll want a commercial-grade storefront lock to protect your business. Therefore, you should give it serious consideration before choosing what type of lock to have installed. If you already have storefront locks, but you would like to upgrade them, this information is sure to come in handy. How and when your business operates will help in determining the type of commercial-grade store locks to choose. A qualified locksmith will want to know exactly where the lock will be installed to help determine the level of security you’ll need.

Based on the level of security you need, you may want to consider a high-security commercial lock, standard area key system, or a master key system. If you have an operating budget, you’ll also need to consider how much you can afford to spend. When the locksmith is aware of your budget, they can offer you the best and most practical options.

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Storefront Lock Installation Locksmith in New York City

If you need to hire a storefront lock installation locksmith New York City, you won’t find anyone better suited to assist with your service need than Locksmith For NYC. Our team of qualified, experienced locksmith professionals can effectively assist with the installation of your storefront lock. They offer locksmith services to clients in New York City and surrounding areas. If you require lock repairs, lock changes, lock programming, key programming, exit device installation, or lock rekeying, you can always depend on us.

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