Commercial Locksmithing Services in Manhattan A Guide For Business Owners

If you run a business in Manhattan, you’ll know that security and privacy are two of the most important considerations when it comes to ensuring the safety of your enterprise, your employees, and your customers. The most basic way to ensure that security and privacy is through your locks. But the world of commercial locksmithing is rapidly expanding, and it can be difficult to know in whom to trust.  


The Importance of Commercial Locksmith Services For Businesses

We firmly believe that a good relationship with your locksmith is an essential part of any business’ well-being. The right locksmith will accompany you not only in the initial stages of consultation and lock installation but also when you’re in crisis mode – when you’ve been locked out unexpectedly or suffered a break-in, for example.

Having a strong security system is important for securing your profit. Whether it’s money in a cash register, goods that are being sold, or computers and office equipment which you use for everyday functions at work, the best way to secure these things is with one or more hard-to-pick locks.

But it isn’t just a matter of profit – a security system will keep your employees and customers safe, too. For stores and restaurants, a combination of good locks, CCTV, and alarms could be enough to discourage violent theft by armed robbers. For lawyers, banks, and insurance firms, such as those concentrated in Manhattan’s Financial District, there is also the matter of clients’ privacy to consider – it is your responsibility to lock away physical files to an appropriate level of security.

Lastly, remember liability. If you suffer a preventable break-in and somebody is hurt, sensitive information is leaked, or goods are stolen, you may well be held responsible – whether by an employee, a customer, or your own insurance policy.


Finding A Good Locksmith

The first thing you’ll check when considering a locksmith is that they are licensed. This may seem obvious, but there are locksmiths in Manhattan who function illegally without the license required by New York City locksmith companies. For any locksmith you consider, first, ask for their license number.

You’ll also need to make sure that your locksmith is bonded and insured. This isn’t legally required as part of the regulation process, but it is a way of making sure that your locksmith is responsible and invests in their customers. Moreover, if there are damages to your property, you’ll be covered by a third party. You can also treat insurance as an unofficial additional check, as insurance companies need to be given proof of a locksmith’s qualifications in order to cover them.

Then, make sure that the locksmith is qualified to handle commercial services. Commercial locks are different to residential ones – they must be fitted to different doors, which may be larger or have a different opening mechanism to those you’ll see at home; besides, they are far more secure than the average cylinder lock. Therefore, a locksmith whose specialty is locks for the home will not be much help to you for your storefront or office.

Look out for diversity in services. The needs of modern businesses, especially in high-profile areas like Manhattan, often go beyond the simple lock and key. You may also want a locksmith who can help you install a CCTV system, or can advise you on door closers. Perhaps you’re looking for more high-tech options. Always browse the locksmith’s website and consult with them to see what’s possible.


Options For Securing Your Business

A good locksmith will offer traditional locks and keys, as well as more advanced options. Remotely powered keys operated by smartphones, entry buttons, and so on are a great way of delegating access, as are key cards and keypads.

For extra security, consider reinforcing your door with an electric strike, or a magnetic lock. These help doors withstand enormous pressure. You’ll also have to make sure that your lock is batter-proof and ram-proof, and also that it’s impossible to pick without a locksmith’s assistance.

Lastly, plan for the worst: an alarm system and a number of CCTV cameras (places in high-up areas where it will be hard to cover them up) will help you in the case of a break-in.

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