Lock Manufacturers

If you are trying to find the right type of lock, the entire process can be quite overwhelming because there are so many to choose from. However, we would highly recommend that you start by learning a little about the various lock manufacturers and the types of locks they design. There have been great advances in the industry, which is why it is just as vital today, as it has ever been. We know that you may want to throw your hands up and forget the need to have locks installed, but it probably wouldn’t be practical to do, if you wish to protect your interest. However, we assure you that with some prior knowledge of lock manufacturers, the process of choosing the right lock will be less intimidating. You will feel more confident about the decision that you make.

One of the first things that we recommend that you do is consult our list of manufacturers and visit the websites of each one. It will provide you with information about the company’s background, culture, brand, product line, and design. After studying the products that they offer, and finding a few of them that really stand out in your mind, contact them directly to find out more about the lock that you are interested in. Once you have spoken with them, make a comparison of the products, prices, service, lead time, and the way the representative made you feel when speaking to them. The manufacturer’s customer service really does matter, as they should be committed to providing you with high-quality service and products.

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Most Trustworthy Manufacturers by LOCKSMITH FOR NYC

Most Trustworthy Manufacturers

Mul-T-Lock brand

Yale Lock brand

Von Duprin Lock brand

Schlage Lock Brand

Trine Lock brand

RCI Lock brand

Rixson brand

Omnia Lock brand


Norton Brand


Kwikset lock brand

Kaba lock brand

Ives brand

Ilco lock brand

Hes lock brand

Hager brand

Folger Adam brand

Falcon lock brand

Emtek brand

dorma brand

Door King brand

Don-Jo Hardware

Dexter lock brand

Detex Lock brand

Corbin Russwin Lock

BEST Lock brand

Baldwin brand

Arrow Lock

American Lock brand

Adams Rite Lock Brand

Sargent Lock brand

medeco locks

Marks USA locks

Lockey USA locks
















Lock Designs

The appearance of a lock might be the first thing that you notice. However, the way it has been physically put together, or designed, should matter more than its appearance. Lock manufacturers design industry-specific locks and individual-specific locks. They manufacture standard products that are readily available in your local hardware store or they can custom-design locks for a specific purpose. Things can become complicated when trying to determine the size and type of lock that will be a good fit for your needs. However, lock manufacturers are usually a good place to call for help with such matters. When determining how to help a customer, the manufacturer needs to find out if they need a high-security lock, the level of durability required, whether it should be portable, usage frequency, and how much time it should take to open the lock. This information will enable them to help the customer find the type of lock best suited for its application. It will also enable them to custom-design one for the customer, if necessary.

Keep in Mind

Some lock manufacturers produce a large variety of locks. However, some specialize in industry-specific locks, such as sports and recreation, automotive engineering, jewelry, and commerce. While there are hundreds of locks to choose from, keep in mind that Locksmith For NYC works with top lock manufacturers.

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