A Baldwin lock is aesthetically pleasing and offers customers the level of durability that they are seeking. It is a great lock that can provide added function and form wherever it is installed. Baldwin manufacturers take pride in using superior quality metal to construct their locks and hardware, which is why they continue to stand out in the market. Its product strength attests to their claim of using superior quality of metal, as they offer some of the heaviest locks available today. The heavier the lock, the more metal that was used to manufacturer it. The more metal the lock has, the harder it is to be broken. They have been at the forefront of producing innovative locks and hardware since they first emerged onto the scene in 1946.

Baldwin brand


You can receive your Baldwin locks and hardware from Locksmith For NYC. We offer reliable locksmith services throughout Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Brooklyn, NY. With more than 1000 different lock designs, we are sure that you’ll find a Baldwin lock that appeals to you in their enormous inventory of locks. When you need your Baldwin locks replaced, repaired, installed, or rekeyed, you can always count on our locksmiths to perform the job for you. They have the qualifications that enable them to assist you with the Baldwin lock or hardware service needs. With their vast knowledge of the brand products, you can consult with them about virtually any of their doorknobs, levers, deadbolts, keyless locks, hinges, pocket door locks, or any other product.


Solid Construction

Every good piece of door hardware is constructed of the finest materials, including the Baldwin hardware that we install. They certainly didn’t cut corners with the quality of materials they use to create the highest quality of hardware. It is why they are among our favorite brands. Solid brass is used to provide the hardware with its level of durability. Brass is also a very favorable metal because of its corrosion resistance, not to mention that it is heavier and smoother than hardware constructed from plated steel or aluminum.


Beautifully Crafted Locks

Baldwin ranks high in creative design and function. It is such an industry leader that competitive manufacturers also use many of the brand’s products. One of the most noticeably best locks offered by Baldwin is the mortise lock. It is widely known for its quality, and the level of security it offers. The lock cases are made from heavy gauge steel and are plated with an effective rust-resistant coating to eliminate oxidation. Its working parts are solid forged brass, which contributes to its durability.


New York City Baldwin Lock Service

If you are interested in Baldwin locks or hardware, you are sure to find what you are looking for when you rely on Locksmith For NYC. We are suppliers of all Baldwin brand products, suited to everyone’s budgetary needs.

Our locksmith services are available throughout New York City and all surrounding areas.


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