Frank Best was the innovator of the first master keying system. As the Head of the Manual Training department at a Washington State high school, he had to carry around hundreds of keys for the doors of the school. If someone lost a key, he had to rekey the lock. He knew there had to be an easier way to address the problem. This is when he invented the interchangeable core lock, which is still being used 100 years after he developed it. Today, BEST brand locks are known for its craftsmanship and performance.

BEST Lock brand


Durability & Security

At Locksmith For NYC, we rely on BEST products because of their durability, level of security, and the ease of maintenance that they offer. BEST also offers some of the toughest hardware, which is capable of withstanding continued use, such as the amount of use that is often experienced in a healthcare facility, government building, multifamily unit, school and university environment. When installed, the BEST lock is used to offer security at the highest level. Many of the BEST products that we use include added security features, such as alarms.


Impressive Features

One of the features of the BEST door hardware features that we love the most is its antimicrobial finish coating, which prevents the growth of bacteria on the surface. Our locksmiths find this type of hardware particularly useful in a healthcare facility. With the variety of lock options and hardware solutions provided by BEST, it’s easy for us to provide our customers with a reasonable solution for their lock needs. With the BEST brand locks, we are capable of creating a secure environment that is also easy to maintain, while offering standardized products throughout your building.


BEST Products

Some of the BEST products that we often install at Locksmith For NYC include, mechanical locks, wireless locks, standalone and offline electronic locks, door closers, and padlocks. With the creative way that they have been manufactured, we know that our customers are receiving something that not only looks attractive, but serves a vital purpose, providing security. It isn’t always easy to develop something that is attractive, and functional. Yet, in our opinion, BEST has managed to do both.


BEST Lock Services in New York City 

With the vast knowledge and understanding of the various types of locks offered by BEST, our New York locksmiths can help our customers identify the areas of a business that is most susceptible to an intrusion and find the BEST product that is sure to address this problem.


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