It started as a stationary watchclock company in 1878 and later became Detex Corporation. At one point, it was the largest manufacturer of watchclocks. However, today, watch clocks are no longer being manufactured, as new and improved systems are now in place that performs more efficiently. In 1963 Detex began to introduce security hardware products. They were designed to control exits and entries for commercial, industrial, educational, and institutional buildings. In 1964, the name, Newman Watchclock Corporation, was replaced by Detex Corporation. In 1999 the company introduced its Advantex line of hardware products. This line of products includes surface vertical rods, rims, and mortise and concealed vertical rod devices. They offer the largest line of electrified products manufactured today.

Detex Lock brand


For years, Locksmith For NYC has recognized the contribution that Detex has made to the industry. They design products that perform well and can sustain continued use. Our expert locksmiths appreciate the level of customer service that they receive from Detex, as they offer top-quality products and top-quality support. They listen to what the end-user has to say. It enables them to continue to produce quality hardware used by locksmiths, maintenance supervisors, contractors, and architects. Our local locksmiths provide Detex lock and hardware services throughout New York City and surrounding areas.


Committed to Excellence

Detex cares about their legacy, which is why they continue to contribute to the ever-changing lock security industry. It is likely why they also continue to manufacture and improve their line of products. They research and develop high-quality, sustainable products while keeping in mind who will use them. Detex manufacturers innovative products, such as a hands-free touchless activation product for ADA applications, and the Detex antimicrobial coating hardware, used in hospitals, labs, clinics, childcare facilities, and schools. They also offer training to introduce the best and most efficient ways to utilize their products.


Time-Saving Solution

The delayed egress motorized latch retraction system, designed by Detex, offers ease of movement for employees with a single touch. It enables authorized staff to move freely through areas where the latch retraction system is installed, yet it prevents unauthorized employees from the same level of access. The delay time can be set in increments of 15 seconds. Other features include an alarm, different re-arm times, and your choice of access-controls.


New York City Detex Lock Services

Locksmith For NYC likes working with brands that are industry leaders, such as Detex Corporation. Their staying power proves that they are truly in it for the long-haul. Over the years, our locksmiths have noticed more and more innovative products being introduced to our rapidly expanding and growing industry. Many companies and municipalities depend on the Detex hardware products that we offer.

We offer Detex Corporation products and services to our customers throughout Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, and Queens, NY.


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