Don-Jo Door Hardware

Don-Jo MFG offers high-quality, reliable products to the architectural industry and locksmith industry. They always strive to produce creative-products that contribute to a better level of service and security. Since 1981, they have maintained an independent-spirit, while setting industry service standards. Located in Sterling, MA, a suburb of Boston, Don-Jo has an in-house engineering department with on-site manufacturing capabilities that offers them flexibility and creative control. It enables them to continue producing cutting-edge products that exceed the expectations of their customers. They offer everything from architectural hardware to protection and repair solutions. Their commercial-grade products effectively deliver satisfactory security control and impressive architectural designs.

Don-Jo Hardware


While we work with various lock hardware brands at Locksmith For NYC, our locksmiths continue to install a large number of Don-Jo Mfg. products because they offer creative, high-performance door parts. They help provide our customers with the superior quality, and durability they need. As the industry continues to move forward, so do the Don-Jo engineers. They continue improving in every level of service, which is why our team of local locksmiths continues to rely on them. They often rely on them when servicing the needs of our customers in Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Brooklyn, New York.


Leading Commercial Hardware Manufacturer

We install many of the commercial door hardware products offered by Don-Jo, such as push plates, kick plates, door pulls, door stops, and security latch guards. The majority of their products are made in their Boston facility. Since the Don-Jo line of products is designed for use in the architectural industry, you can expect them to be attractive in design. Whenever we can provide our customers with a nice-looking piece of hardware that is also durable and effective, we will. It is why we offer the Don-Jo door security products.


Magnetic Door Holders

A new addition to their line-up of commercial-grade products is their magnetic door holders. They hold doors open and release them through fire life safety command center activation or remote switch. We like them because there have limited power supply requirements, which reduces energy costs. There are no pigtails or wire nuts, which streamlines the installation process. Finally, there are no secondary alignment adjustments necessary. Many businesses benefit when we install a magnetic door holder and often request that we install it in more than one location.


Don-Jo Door Hardware Services Offered in New York City

It’s clear to see that the locksmith industry is on the move and isn’t slowing down. We recognize this at Locksmith For NYC, and so do the many brand manufacturers that we use. Don-Jo Mfg., company’s ability to keep up with these changes is very impressive, which is why we often consider them for our commercial and industrial customers. Whether they need hardware accessories, door controls, pivots, wraparounds, stops, and holders, we can always offer them Don-Jo products.

Our reputable and reliable locksmith services extend throughout New York City and areas nearby.


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