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DoorKing, Inc, also known as DKS, is a leading manufacturer of telephone entry systems, parking control products, vehicular gate operators, and access control systems. It was established in Inglewood, California, in 1948, where it still operates today. DoorKing is the first company that used microprocessors and electronic magnetic limits in its vehicular gate and parking control operator. They incorporated fail-safe entrapment prevention into their vehicular gate operators long before they became an industry standard. Their operators are considered among the safest vehicular gate operators. Since access control seems to reign supreme in security technology, it is reasonable to understand why DoorKing has also become an industry leader in providing high-performance access control products.

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If you’re a commercial business, big or small, you can trust Locksmith For NYC to provide you with DoorKing lock security products. We specialize in commercial and residential lock services. Our locksmiths serve New York City and surrounding areas. We have qualified and experienced locksmith technicians to install, repair, change, rekey, and program your DoorKing brand security products. They offer great customer service for their products, which makes easier for us to follow-up with them to ensure that our customer receives the best product care possible.


Reliable Lock Resource

DoorKing is known for many things, including its reliable customer service. When someone needs specialized products and services, they are eager to work with them to develop a solution that suits their needs. Providing customers with more than products, they also offer effective solutions. It might include designing their system, training, and technical support. These are the type of resources that our locksmiths appreciate knowing they offer. It gives them confidence in knowing they are providing our customers with such a dedicated, dependable lock brand.


Innovative Security Solutions

DoorKing offers everything that a company could benefit from to make access as easy as possible: access control devices, telephone entry systems, slide gate operators, swing gate operators, and more. With the variety of products they offer, we can easily find what our customer needs and install it for them. Our expert locksmiths have been working with the DoorKing brand for decades. They are among the most dependable brands on the market today.


New York City DoorKing Lock Services

DoorKing offers many residential and commercial lock solutions, which our locksmiths at Locksmith For NYC often install for our customers in Manhattan, Staten Island, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, NY, and surrounding areas. They install DoorKing intercom systems in both apartments and gated communities, DoorKing gates, and gate accessories for commercial and industrial businesses, and telephone access control systems for every size business, to name a few. When you need access control lock security systems, you can also rely on our team of professionally trained and experienced locksmiths. They have installed every brand product offered by DoorKing, which makes it easy for them to also provide you with the DoorKing products that you want and need for your home or business.


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