Emtek has been consistently producing new lock designs since 1981. The most impressive thing about Emtek is that their locks are made-to-order. They offer a variety of lock products, which include, sideplate locks, door pulls, hinges, pocket door locks, lever by lever entry sets, mortise entry sets, cabinet knobs, and a lot more! It is a high-quality brand with reliable security solutions. Since they are customizable, they provide more flexibility than many other types of lock products. Emtek is widely recognized because of its interior door knobs, levers, tubular locks, and electronic keyless locks. These are some of the products they offer that are requested most often. They offer a variety of designs, which are featured in many trade publications, on popular design shows and television programs. It is a little more expensive than the average lock but based on the benefits of customization it is sure to suit your needs, which makes it well worth the added expense.

Emtek brand


Locksmith For NYC offers Emtek lock services in and around the New York City area. We offer commercial and residential lock services and are committed to providing our customers with the best and most reliable services possible. As a full-service, local locksmith company, offering we’ll assist you in finding the best brand product for your lock security needs. With the variety of electronic locks, tubular entry sets, mortise entry sets, deadbolts, and door accessories, Emtek has you covered, and so do we.


Made to Order

Not every lock manufacturer allows you to choose the design of your lock, but Emtek does. You receive a custom item that suits your needs when you customize your locks. Their locks offer a variety of back plates and finishes. Their products are solidly built, which is an indication of their strength and durability. Its privacy locks have a push pin lock located on the side of the doorknob, unlike most other privacy locks with the thumb turn in the middle. Emtek has definitely set itself apart with its made-to-order door hardware.


Stylish Hardware

Not every manufacturer focuses on the design of their door hardware, as long as it performs the way they want it to. However, at Emtek, it is clear they put an emphasis on creating effective, and stylish door hardware. They offer a variety of styles for customers to choose from that will fit their home aesthetics, that include American heritage, rustic, Tuscany, and southwestern styles, to name a few. Customers really get what they pay for when choosing an Emtek, custom-made, high-quality door product.


Affordable Emtek Lock Service in New York City

Our locksmiths at Locksmith For NYC install, replace, and repair their fair share of Emtek deadbolt locks, mortise locks, electronic locks, levers, knobs, and more. We offer our locksmith services in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Queens, NY. Our locksmiths have been in the industry for decades and can help you identify the right Emtek hardware for your doors.


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