Falcon Lock is part of the Allegion group of companies. Falcon designs simple, affordable, high-quality products that offer top safety and security solutions. They have a very extensive line of reliable products that can be applied to various safety and security needs. It is why their products are ideal for customers who want high-quality, affordable, security products. Falcon offers door controls, key systems, exit devices, and mechanical locks. Their industry favorites include mechanical locks, key blanks, and cylinders, interconnected locks, exit devices, closers, and extra-heavy-duty pre-assembled unit locks, to name a few.

Falcon lock brand


At Locksmith For NYC, we specialize in residential and commercial lock installation, repair, rekeying, and replacement. Our locksmith services are available in all five New York City boroughs and surrounding areas. We receive requests for Falcon locks quite often because they offer affordable, high-security locks, which you might also be interested in. They produce a trustworthy and dependable brand of security products. One of their most notable is the keyed lock with interchangeable cores, which means it can be easily rekeyed.


Dependable Locks

Falcon Door locks are among the most durable locks on the market. Some are made from an anti-pry shield and can firmly keep doors closed. They offer wrench-resistant locks that prevent locks from being pried open. Our customers like the rust-resistant, long-lasting locks offered in the Falcon line of dependable locks. They also offer a pretty decent design. While we wouldn’t say they have the best architectural lock designs, they have a large variety of modern designs that will compliment any home or commercial facility. Whether it is a thumb turn lock or a safety door lock, you’ll find this and more in the Falcon line of products. We like their top security cylindrical locks and deadbolt locks. Let us help you find the right lock suited to your needs.


Falcon Lock Service in New York City

If you’re interested in top lock brands, contact Locksmith For NYC to install them for you. We provide services in the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Brooklyn. Our responsive team of expert locksmiths can easily install, replace, or repair your Falcon lock Grade 1/Grade 2 cylindrical lock or Grade 1 mortise locks. We have experience with all of the locks in the Falcon portfolio. Consult with our locksmiths to help them fully understand your security concerns and offer you a lock that meets your needs.


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