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Folger Adam locks date back to 1905. It is a business created by William J. Adam, founder of Adam Steel and Wire Works. Since starting his business, they have focused on producing products that offer high security. Its locks are designed with technology that offers maximum security for any size facility. Many who are looking for durable lock hardware often request Folger Adams locks. Although Folger Adams was initially known for its jail cell locks, it has become widely known as a manufacturer of the most dependable locks for any application. Most noticeably, they manufacture high-security single locks, and key cylinders, in addition to electronic control systems.

Folger Adam brand


At Locksmith For NYC, we help our customers in New York City and surrounding locations to find the most suitable locks for their commercial or residential door needs. With our extensive line of Folger Adams locks, we’re sure to find you a lock that offers you medium to maximum security. We are a full-service locksmith company offering Folger Adams electric strikes, keypads & readers, specialty locks, electromagnetic locks, and more. What we like about Folger Adams is its superior level of durability. If prison systems can trust the strength of its products, so can we. We have had a lot of luck with our Folger Adams lock hardware, which is clear from the number of customers who request their products.


Superior Lock Durability

Many commercial facilities that need maximum security often ask us about the durability of our Folger Adams lock hardware. It is among the most durable and dependable manufacturer brands we offer to our customers. They design a variety of hardware that is specific to the needs of each customer, which is why we offer the Folger Adams brand. It is a brand that is widely recognized by industry professionals as a top-rated lock brand, due to its exceptional durability.


Folger Adams Lock Service in New York City

As a reputable and reliable locksmith company, Locksmith For NYC is known for the quality of manufacturer products that we offer. It is why we have carefully selected the manufacturer brands that we offer our customers in Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island. We help find the most suitable Folgers Adams door hardware for our customer’s facilities. Our locksmiths can install, repair, replace, or rekey any of your Folger Adams locks. Call us when you want a premium brand Folger Adams lock.


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