John Hager was on the cusp of revolutionizing the lock industry when in 2004 he took leadership of the companies sourcing group, purchasing, sales, and marketing of their brand products. Within the same year, he launched door controls, exit devices, and locks. The family-owned business is widely known within the industry for its door hardware. However, things were about to change under the guidance and direction of John Hager. With the new products, the Hager Companies was now in a better position to compete in the market. Later, under the direction of the company’s 9th president, Ralph Hager, exit devices and electric locks were introduced to their security products. This move enabled the Hager Companies to, once again, expand their product line, namely their door hardware. With their added product lines, Hager Companies has become a global leader in lock security and door hardware.

Hager brand


Their products are found all around the world, Asia, the Middle East, Central America, South America, and here in North America.

Locksmith For NYC is happy to offer Hager Companies’ line of products to our customers throughout the New York City area. We install many of the Hager door hinges, as it is among the company’s first products, which date back to the early 1900s. With the determination to provide our customers with reliable hardware, we knew that Hager was a leader. We also install, replace, rekey, and repair Hager locks. Our local locksmiths have worked with every Hager product, such as their mortise door hinges, sliding door locks, door brush sweeps, and thresholds, which means they are fully aware of how these products are best used.


Historic Building Lock Security Supplier

The Hagar Companies has certainly made a name for itself worldwide, which is why they are often called upon to provide their security expertise to major building projects, such as the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. There are 9 hotels, 30,000 residences, 19 residential towers, acres of parkland, and the Dubai Mall within the Burj Khalifa. The Hager Companies equipped the building with full mortise hinges and stainless-steel continuous hinges, both of which are American-made. It says a lot about the quality of Hager hardware. The company also provided flush bolts, thresholds, and floor stops to this incredibly famous Dubai landmark. Hager has been offering their hinges for over 165 years and it appears as though it is a mainstay within the industry.


Hager Lock Services in New York City

Whenever Locksmith For NYC is hired to install door hardware and lock security, we have a variety of brands to choose from, which include our Hager Companies brand products. They are often used in large building projects, many of which we have installed, repaired, programmed, and rekeyed. Our locksmiths can assist with any of your most pressing needs while finding the most appropriate door hardware in our inventory of Hager Companies products.

We provide our locksmith services in The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Manhattan, NY.


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