Medeco Locks are widely known and are available in most retail outlets. They are a reputable brand because of the heavy-duty security their locks offer. This lock brand dates back to the 1950s, with operations starting in Roanoke County, VA. However, it wasn’t until 1960 that they began to be widely recognized for their contribution to the industry. It is when they designed a lock feature with angled key cuts with rotating pin tumblers. It offered maximum security. While the success of this lock eventually began to diminish, it wasn’t before long that they began to design and manufacture even better high-security locks. While their high-security locks are more expensive than many other well-known lock brands, their locks are worth it.

Medeco lock brand

Locksmith For NYC is proud to offer a variety of Medeco Locks. Since they are not easily picked or broken, they are great for both residential and commercial use. Many of our New York City customers, and those in and around the New York City area, request the Medeco brand locks and hardware by name. It is why we offer such a large selection of them. We trust this brand because of its strength and durability. Some of their high-security locks are expensive, but not as expensive as some of the other high-security locks on the market. In most cases, the higher the level of security a lock offers, the higher its cost. However, we like Medeco because there is something for every price range.


Medeco Key Systems

The Medeco key system offers businesses an affordable solution for accountability by enabling a quick change of access and tracking information. They are perfect for areas of a business where there are sensitive areas because they benefit from scheduling, audit, and rekeying. Employee records are also well protected since it offers control access to sensitive documents. The cylinders and employee keys can be audited to document and monitor their activity. It puts the company back in control, helping them reduce financial losses, control access, and offer ease of moving intelligent keys to other parts of the business.


Medeco Locksmiths in New York City

Locksmith For NYC has Medeco locksmiths in New York City to provide services throughout Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island, NY. When our customers need a reliable and affordable high-security lock system, they can receive it from us. The Medeco line of products includes rim & mortise cylinders, padlocks, international cylinders, cam locks, switch locks, vending equipment locks, banking securing locks, and more. With such a range of products, we can assist any homeowner or business with their lock security needs, whether it is lock installation, lock repairs, lock rekeying, or lock replacement.


Locksmith for NYC Provide full locksmith services are available throughout New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and all surrounding areas.


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