Some lock brands are more recognized than others, such as Mul-T-Lock. The logo is also widely known as it is a picture with a strong man on it, which indicates the strength of its locks. This perception of strength stands true when it comes to the Mul-T-Lock brand. It lives up to its reputation as a durable, maximum strength lock. They are among the best lock brands on the market today and are used by many homeowners and businesses. Since their locks are not easily broken or picked, they are certainly a good fit for anyone who wants to protect their home and business. Mul-T-Lock cylinders increase your odds of avoiding a break-in. You’re sure to get your money’s worth whenever you’re looking for dependable lock security by having a Mul-T-Lock lock installed.

Mul-T-Lock brand

Our locksmiths at Locksmith For NYC can quickly replace a traditional cylinder with an effective Mul-T-Lock cylinder. It is one of the reasons why so many request the Mul-T-Lock brand. It is one of the most effective and affordable solutions for your first line of defense from potential burglars. The Mul-T-Lock deadbolt is among the top deadbolts that our locksmiths install for businesses in New York City and surrounding areas. It is unique because it provides two interlocking ball bearings and is effective against someone trying to jimmy the lock. Whether you need deadbolt lock changes, cylinder changed, hardware replacement, lock rekeying and home lockout services, you can always count on our locksmiths.


Deadbolt Security

We love the deadbolt options offered by Mul-T-Lock. One of their most recently designed deadbolt locks offers the security of a double-sided locking deadbolt yet the ease of exiting with a standard thumb turn latch. You can leave by placing the key in the thumb turn latch and taking the thumb turn along with you. When removed, it creates a double-cylinder deadbolt, which means you will need the key to get in and out. While in your home, it can remain a double-cylinder deadbolt or converted into a thumb turn latch when the thumb turn is replaced with the key.


Mul-T-Lock Locksmith Experts in New York City

Our Mul-T-Lock locksmith experts in New York City at Locksmith For NYC offer services in Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. Many rely on our residential and commercial locksmith services for the most reputable lock brands on the market. It would be difficult for us to call ourselves a full-service locksmith company without offering this leading lock manufacturer. When you need 24-hour locksmith services for your Mul-T-Lock lock change, lock installation, lock rekeying, programming, or other locksmith services, turn to us. We have experienced locksmiths who have worked with every Mul-T-Lock brand product. They are well-qualified to assist with any of your locksmith service needs.


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