RCI began as a small retail hardware shop in Ontario, Canada. Advanced innovation is what sets their locks apart from the competition. The founder of Rutherford Controls Inc. (RCI) was the first to offer electrical products in the region. The company later went on to offer architectural hardware. As a globally recognized company servicing the needs of industry professionals, RCI continues to manufacturing innovative products suitable for ease of application. Today, along with its line of architectural hardware, RCI offers access control products, electric locks, key switches, magnetic locks, keypads, and readers, to those in the locksmith, hardware, and security industries.

RCI Lock brand

Locksmith For NYC provides residential and commercial locksmith services throughout Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, the Bronx, and surrounding areas. Many depend on to provide them with RCI locks. When someone is interested in lock changes, depending on its application, our locksmiths might recommend a lock from the RCI brand of locks. Perhaps they require hardware installation, our talented team of experienced locksmiths can effectively install it. We offer lock repair, installation, lock change, and lock replacement services.


RCI Specialty Locks

RCI is part of the dormakaba locks, which offers a wide range of RCI specialty locks for glass doors without frames, lockers, access hatches, data racks, medical storage, and cabinets. With its variety of low-profile locks, it provides ease of installation with side, top, surface, and track mounting capability. Their specialty locks have been designed to offer flexibility and can be fitted for numerous material applications, such as wood, steel, plastic, and glass. The electric locks are offered with optional supervisory monitoring. RCI offers unique security solutions suitable for a variety of applications.


RCI Professional Lock Service in New York City

Our RCI professional lock service in New York City at Locksmith For NYC is preferred. We offer RCI products for commercial and residential purposes. With the help of our associates, we can help you find the most suitable products to meet your needs and accommodate your budget. You can always count on one of our nearby New York City locksmiths to be there when you need them, as we offer 24-hour locksmith services.


Locksmith for NYC Provide full locksmith services are available throughout New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and all surrounding areas.


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