Von Duprin is part of the Allegion group and manufacturer electronic access control products and exit devices. They are known for designing the first panic bar so that doors can be locked from the outside and still allows exiting from inside. Many commercial buildings have Von Duprin exit devices because they offer low maintenance and are proven effective in providing safety and security. They are known for their high-quality exit devices, providing peace of mind to anyone who has had them installed. Von Duprin also manufactures touch bars, door crossbars, and a variety of useful hardware.

Von Duprin Lock brand

Contact Locksmith For NYC for your Von Duprin exit device. We provide commercial and residential locksmith services to those in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, the Bronx, and surrounding areas. With the variety of exit devices and hardware options offered by Von Duprin, we can effectively address the various needs of our customers. We can install, replace or repair any of your electric strikes, mortise locks, panic bars, or trim with a compatible Von Duprin brand product. Our expert locksmiths can advise you of the brand products that best match your needs.


Innovative Brand Products

The Von Duprin company is well-known for its exit devices because of their innovative design, durability, flexibility, and quality. However, in addition to their well-known products, they also manufacture innovative electric strikes, which come in a large range of factory configurations, fits aftermarket needs, and are ideal for a standalone setting or any aspect of a comprehensive access control product. Many are not aware of their power supplies, which provide flexibility that addresses a wide range of applications, factory configurable for the specific needs of the end-user, and screw terminals that help streamline the connection process. We’re happy to introduce our customers to the Von Duprin brand of innovative products.


Von Duprin Hardware Locksmith in New York City

You can always depend on the experienced Von Duprin Hardware locksmith in New York City at Locksmith For NYC to provide you with your locksmith service needs. We are a full locksmith service, offering services to those in and around the New York City area. Our locksmith can effectively address your Von Duprin hardware and lock services. They specialize in the installation of Von Duprin exit devices, which is why our services are chosen most often. Whether it is an exit device that you need or key extraction, lockout service, lock replacement, electric strike installation, lock change, or lock programming, on us. We are the best locksmiths in town!


Locksmith for NYC Provide full locksmith services are available throughout New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and all surrounding areas.


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