Commercial Locks Service

Imagine you work in a commercial building, and the storage room was broken into. It would help if you had the right commercial door locks hardware to replace the old one. There is a single pair of double-swinging doors which leads into there. It looks like brute force broke down the door, so why not try a magnetic lock to hold the door in place? After all, it uses electromagnetism to control the lock mechanism. You need a proper lock installation, and you are good to go.

Typically, whenever you need to fix, replace, or install a commercial locks, it depends on the door and building you are inside. Storefronts rely on storefront locks since you need the outside level always locked so that nobody goes inside. Sliding glass doors rely on glass door locks and due to the installation process require a professional locksmith that knows what he is doing.

Each commercial building has a different fire code and safety guidelines. For example, if you consider potential fire emergencies. A door closer works because it links to the fire alarm system of the building. If you need people to quickly get out of the building, the door exit device allows them to do so. When you need configuration for fail-safe or fail-secure doors, the electric strike does the job.

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Locksmith NYC – What We Offer

We provide the following service for commercial locks:

Locks repair – We can fix any locks that jam.
Lock replacement – We can replace any current locks with a new lock.
Locks change – We can remove the previous lock mechanism with another one.
Lock installation – We can install a brand-new lock mechanism on any commercial door.

Below are the commercial locks we have available. Information includes what they do and where the installation takes place.

Exit Device

Rim exit devices are a fundamental tool we use, which allows doors to open from one side. It is easy to install this device due to the design of the deadlatch. You can use these devices on both single and double doors. Most offices and schools use these locks for their doors due to their accessibility, functionality, and strength.

Magnetic Locks

The magnetic lock is an armature plate that uses electromagnetism. It allows it to control the lock mechanism. Magnetic locks have two varieties – fail safe and fail secure. Fail safe means when the power goes out, it unlocks itself. Fail secure is the opposite. Electricity is not an issue with our lock as it requires less than an average lightbulb. Installation is suitable for double-swing doors. Thanks to its security purposes, airports and hospitals can use this effectively.

Electric Striker

What we have is an access control device. You use this on door frames as it replaces the strike plate. As it powers with energy, it opens doors like a saloon. This device is also fail-safe and fail-secure. You can use it with several lock mechanisms such as mortise, deadbolt, cylindrical, and rim panic exits. We install the striker on the side of a door. They are useful for airports due to their high security.

Door Closer

Door closers are aptly named devices that close doors with control. It means doors should not shut or slam due to the mechanism which holds it in place. We can power these with electromagnetism to save energy. When you install on entrance or exit doors, it allows you fire safety to escape in any given situation. It also maintains room temperature. Offices and schools use this due to protection against fire hazards.

Glass Door Locks

If you use glass doors, do not worry. We have just the right locks for that material. Our glass door locks install quickly and do not damage the glass. Whether you want to drill or not to drill, we can cover you. Glass door locks are particularly useful for any glass doors. Art gallery spaces tend to use these locks due to their design.

Storefront Locks

Suppose you operate a storefront, and you always need the outside level of a door to stay in a lock position. It is where the storefront lock comes in. It has a specific design that allows a key to retract the latch bolt. This device opens the door, and when it closes, it remains locked from the outside. We can also use deadbolt latches. Storefronts and retail spaces use this type of lock.

What Else We Can Do

We understand the importance of industry-standard commercial locks. That is why our locks have strength, application, and function for your everyday needs. These locks are certifiable for any commercial building, whether it be an office space, fire department, or educational facility. It provides the safety and security of any building needs.

Our company can replace or repair any broken-down locks. Installation is easy as we fully understand our lock mechanisms and what they do. As a result, we can fix any lock. We have years of experience in commercial locks. Next time you walk through your building entrance, you can feel safe and sound with the protection our locks provide.

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Commercial Locks Service
Commercial Locks Service NYC
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