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Door closers are an excellent way to ensure that the door softly and silently swings shut again. However, there are common issues regarding them. Find out how to keep them open and allow them to shut slowly and safely. Locksmith For NYC offer 24 hour door closer service in NYC including – replacement ,repair ,installation and adjustment services.   

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How can you keep doors open with your door closer?

Many times, door closer arms have a hold-open option. This allows you to keep the door open, even when it is installed. They often work using friction. You can open the door to a particular degree, which tightens a nut inside it. That makes the arm stick at that specific point, which keeps the door open.

If you’re having problems with the door closer arms, you need the help of a professional locksmith in NYC. Please call (917) 696-8842 to request a free quote.


What’s the backcheck on door closers?

The back-check is what slows the door throughout the opening swing. This prevents it from hitting anything throughout the arc or the other wall. Plus, it keeps the wind from being able to throw it out of control and out of your hand. Backcheck resistance only works when the door is nearing its fully opened position.


What size of door closer do I require?

Many closers are adjustable, though the most common size is 4 for external 36-inch wide commercial doors. The size 3 version works for residential and commercial internal applications. Sometimes, you might need a specific type of closer, such as a positive, spring stop, or hold-open feature.


What does S or L mean for door closers?

Many models feature separate adjustments for the sweep (S) and latch (L). The sweep is the speed at which the door can move when it first starts to close. The latch is the speed at which the door moves as it is beginning to close. High back check tensions can prevent people from doing damage to the walls if they accidentally (or on purpose) push the door open with a lot of force.

If you are having issues with your door closers or want to have them installed, please call us at (917) 696-8842. We offer a variety of services at fair costs.

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Door Closer Service in New York City

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