Exit Devices Installation & Repair in NYC

You should consider hiring professional Locksmith Services for Exit Devices Installation in NYC. Exit devices are ideal for many businesses. It allows you to quickly escape during a fire or another emergency. Learn more about them so that you pick the right option for your business’s needs.

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What’s the rim exit device?

A Rim Panic Device can be surface mounted to your door’s face, which is where your latch protrudes from this device instead of at the edge of the door. With Rim Exit Devices, you get a deadlatch, which prevents your latch from getting retracted forcibly from the exterior. You can also find double doors with mullions. This is where the strike gets mounted to your center mullion. The same situations apply here, though.

If you want one installed on your home, you need a professional locksmith. Please call (917) 696-8842 to request service 24/7.


What’s Exit Device Hardware?

Panic hardware can include many things, such as panic bars, exit devices, crash bars, push bars, and touch bars. They are all designed to provide the building occupants with an easy and fast way to get out during an emergency. Exit Devices can unlock doors that open out to the outside of your home during an emergency condition.


What’s the bar on doors called?

A crash bar can also be called a push bar, panic bar, or exit device. It’s a door opening mechanism, and it allows the user to open doors by pushing a special bar. Often, they are installed on emergency exits in commercial or public buildings.


What’s the difference between fire exit hardware and panic hardware?

Fire exit hardware and panic hardware are very different exit device types. You must choose the right one based on your building’s code requirements. Panic hardware has only been tested for doors that must have it. However, it can’t be used with fire doors. You need fire exit doors for this purpose.

If you’re not sure whether you need fire exit or panic hardware, please call (917) 696-8842. We can help you select the most appropriate products for your doors.


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  • Types Panic Bars:
    • Cross Bar Rim Exit Device
    • Series Cross Bar Surface Vertical Exit Device
    • Series Rim Exit Device
    • Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device
    • Series Mortise Exit Device
    • Guard-x Exit Alarm
    • Concealed Vertical Rod
      Exit Control Alarm With Locking Deadbolt.
  • Heavy Duty Grade 1
  • Exit Trims: Dummy Trim, Night Latch, Knob (key lock/unlock) Lever (key lock/unlock), Night Latch Pull, Thumbpiece Pull
  • Description For Levers / Knobs: Dummy, Passage, Classroom, Storeroom
  • Finish: Polished Brass, Satin Chrome, Duronitc and more…

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 Bar Rim Exit Devices Installation NYC
Bar Rim Exit Devices Installation NYC

gold Cross Bar Surface Vertical Exit Device
Cross Bar Surface Vertical Exit Device

 Rim panic bar
Rim panic bar installation service

Surface Vertical Rod Exit Devices
Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device

Series Mortise panic bar
Mortise panic bar

Exit Device and Exit Alarm NYC
Exit Control Alarm With Locking Deadbolt
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