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Locksmith For NYC offers Glass Door Lock installation and repair services to residential and commercial buildings in NYC areas. Qualified and experienced locksmith.
We also offer Replacement glass door locks including :
storefront, offices ,schools, hospitals ,storage, airport, university, and more.
Locksmith for NYC work around the clock to provide you with all the locksmith services you need
to customers across the five boroughs of New York City
Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island and surrounding areas.

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Glass doors are the best option for many homeowners, but they need to be secure so that your possessions are safe. We can also help you burglar-proof them and secure them in innovative ways. Learn more by reading the FAQs below.










How much does a glass door lock repair/ install cost?

When you are facing an issue with your bottom lock on your glass door in your office or storefront in NYC, you should know that to replace or install a new lock like that, is a complex job. In order to secure the glass door we need at least two men to remove and hold the door. In some cases, drilling on the bottom door frame is required which can also increase the chances of harming it. therefore, accuracy is very crucial.Since the installation of a glass door lock is complex, it requires a two man crew to complete. Need a price? Call us today (917) 696-8842


How can you secure glass doors?

Sliding doors are quite vulnerable because they use latches instead of locks. Inexperienced burglars can overcome most latches. Then, it’s easy to lift the door from the track and get it out of the way. Often, no tools are required. Here are four tips to protect your sliding doors from a burglar:

  1. Use block bars. You can insert a wooden or metal bar along the bottom track of the door. Would-be burglars can defeat the latch, but they can’t push aside the door. Make sure your bars are long enough to provide a narrow opening so that no one can get inside.
  2. Security pins. To ensure that burglars can’t remove the door from its track, add security pins. When the door is closed, drill one hole through the sliding door frame and into the frame of the one that’s stationary. Don’t drill all the way. Insert hardened steel door pins so that the doors are held together.
  3. Shatterproof film. The glass can be broken to gain entry, but with shatterproof films, burglars can’t easily break the glass. You can find both tined and transparent options.
  4. Monitored alarm systems. No lock and barrier are fully foolproof. You can install a home security system to help protect your home. Often, they come with stickers to warn others that it is secured and monitored. That is a deterrent, but if thieves do break-in, an alarm sounds, and the authorities are notified.


How to make glass doors burglar-proof?

To make your glass door burglar-proof, you can:

  • Replace your existing door and window frames with more advanced security frames.
  • Put a locking bolt and handle on each door and window.
  • Add security lights around the doors and windows.
  • Keep your valuables out of sight from door and window glass.


How does a sliding glass door lock work?

Unlike regular doors, sliding glass doors require a special lock installed. A clasp lock is the most common lock used for glass sliding doors and is known for it’s small lever. The clasp mechanism is actually located inside the shaft of the door. 

The foot bolt is a square shaped device which is usually installed in the lower and upper corners of the glass sliding door. Inside the foot bolt is an additional spring type bolt which contracts once the glass sliding door is open allowing the slides to open due to available space.   

Cylinder lock is highly recommended for a quality security system. A cylinder lock is much safer because the glass sliding doors can not be opened without the key. 

Security bar is an extra layer of security because it seals the glass sliding door by grabbing a bar located on the bottom of the sliding track and prohibits the door from sliding. Security bars are typically made of strong types of metals providing complete resistance to forced entries.


How to secure the sliding glass door?

There are five ways to protect your sliding glass door:

  • Alarm sensor. Place alarm sensors that are tied to your home security system around the door. This alerts you if it is opened.
  • Add window films. A window film gives more sturdiness to the glass so that it isn’t smash-able.
  • Add a rod to the track. When you put a rod at the bottom of the track, no one can open it from the outside or inside. You can remove the rod when you need to open your door.
  • Get deadbolt locks. You can easily install deadbolt locks on the sliding glass door to add more protection.
  • Install security cameras. If would-be thieves see a camera, they are less likely to break into the home. Just make sure that it works, so if it does happen, you have proof for the authorities.

If you need help installing glass doors, locks, and other things, please call us at

(917) 696-8842. We can assist with most of these things.




  • Herculite Style door with bottom support rall . Square Bolt.
  • Herculite Style door with bottom support rall . Round Bolt.


  • Originally designed for revolving doors, but suitable for many other doors.


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