Magnetic Locks services NYC

Magnetic Locks services in NYC and surrounding areas.
Locksmith For NYC offer magnetic locks installation, repair and replacement services
to residential and commercial buildings in areas including :
storefront, offices ,schools, hospitals ,storage, airport, university,
and more.

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Magnet doors are interesting and can be beneficial for many commercial properties. Find out how they work and how strong they can be so that you are prepared to have them installed for your business.

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How does a magnetic door lock work?

Magnetic door locks utilize electromagnetism to control the whole locking mechanism. When magnets are energized, they bond to the locks and armature of the door. To gain entry or get out, you need to flip a switch and de-energize the magnets. The bolt locks your door when the electric power activates your magnet. We are open now and can help you install or repair magnetic door locks. Please call (917) 696-8842 to learn more.


What does magnet doors mean?

A magnetic door lock is one that features an electric current and produces a magnetic force. Because of the increased strength from the current, these doors can withstand more pressure. That means they can’t get forced open without a confirmed way to open the door.


How strong is an electromagnetic door lock?

Since the mating areas of the armature and electromagnet are large, the force created by the magnet is strong enough so that the door stays locked under stress. Typical electromagnetic door locks come in 600 and 1200 pounds.


Can magnets unlock your door?

The magnets don’t allow the lock to move. While each lock works differently, friction is often the case for an unlocking magnetized door. If one part of the lock should move, make sure it does so easily. If it is attached tightly, the magnet can’t move it. Please call (917) 696-8842 if you have a magnetic door lock that doesn’t work, and we can help you.


Locksmith for NYC is the leading manufacturer in the highest security market.
including: Yale, ASSA ABLOY, SDC, Schlage, SECURITRON, Dyna Lock And more.

With the quality magnetic locks from these industry leading brands.
We work around the clock to provide you with
all the residential locksmith services and commercial locksmith services you need.
to customers across the five boroughs of New York City
Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island and
surrounding areas.


  • Durable magnetic locks
  • Delayed magnetic locks
  • Intelligent magnetic locks
  • DM magnetic locks
  • Shear Aligning magnetic locks
  • Electromagnetic magnetic locks
  • Cabinet magnetic locks
  • Vista Magnets

Magnetic Locks Installation & Repair services in NYC

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    • We give solutions for any magnetic lock situation, if we can’t do it, nobody can!
    • Our employees are top professionals with many years of experience.
    • We have trained them to be Master locksmiths with all the necessary skills.
    • Carry top manufacturers, featuring the finest, most professional products available.
    • Locks change services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
    • Quick service & guaranteed satisfaction.
    • Knowledgeable experts.
    • Licensed Insured Bonded Guarantee.
    • Quality and friendly services ready to help in any way.
    • We offer locks installation and repair services 
    • Safety begins with Locksmith For NYC

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Magnetic Locks services NYC
Magnetic Locks services in NYC
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