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Locksmith For NYC offer combination locks installation and replacement service including change codes and repair service.  Combination locks are found on many things, such as filing cabinets and lockboxes. Use them to your advantage and store all of your important documents and treasures in them. Just make sure that you’re using them appropriately and find out what you need to know.

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How do combination locks work?

A typical combination lock features a combination dial, which is attached to the spindle. Inside this lock, that spindle must run through the drive cam and many different wheels. Each of the wheels utilizes a wheel fly on each side. Then, the drive pin is going to spin that first wheel so that it makes contact with the next wheel, and so on.

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Why do you call it a combination lock?

We aren’t completely sure why it’s called a combination lock, but we do know that it was highly popular back in 1909. It was the first thing patented as a physical object and not just a mathematical concept. In a way, it’s like a ‘word combination,’ which can lock the usage. It’s just a combination of characters or numbers that allow us to find holes within the term.


How can you unlock combination locks?

Generally, you need the specific code for that combination lock to open it. However, if you don’t have it or lost the code, you can still unlock it. To do that, pull up on your dial and turn it clockwise. You should hear the click of the locking mechanism. Now, you need to see the number it’s sitting at. Then, you add five to that specific number, writing it down for future reference. Next, you’re going to set the dial on that number, turning it counterclockwise while listening for that click once more. Your lock should be open. 


How can you reset Master Lock combination locks?

To rest the combination on your Set-Your-Own combo padlock model 176, 175, 178, and 177, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your lock with the previously set or factory set combination. The lock has to be set to its current combination before you can reset it. Please note that the shackle has to be in its open position so that you can reset the combination.
  2. Insert the provided reset tool into the hole on one side of your lock. 
  3. Push the reset tool into the hole and turn it 90 degrees. The direction of the turn does not matter. Your reset tool is going to stay in that position automatically.
  4. Set the wheels to your desired combination.
  5. Turn the reset tool and remove it. Your lock is now going to be set to that new combination.
  6. Write down the combination and store it in a safe place.

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