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  • Is it hard to turn the key? 
  • Broken key inside cylinder?

Is your door cylinder not operating properly? Swapping tenants in your investment property and need to replace the door cylinder? Locksmith for NYC is here to help! Certified and highly trained locksmith technicians with rapid response. Call us today for a free estimate (917) 696-8842 . Here are some frequently asked questions that you might  come across when repairing or replacing a door cylinder.

Lock Cylinder 
Lock Cylinder











What Is a Cylinder Lock Used For?

 The cylinder lock, or as it is sometimes referred to by locksmiths, a pin tumbler lock, offers a unique mechanism that is beneficial for doors. The cylinder lock mechanism uses a series of varying sized pins which follow the patterns of a key, which is used to lock or unlock it.


Here are five different types of cylinder locks that you may be interested in:

 Mortise – As a cylinder lock, the mortise lock offers a drawback in that it only fits particular doors and lockset. This can make customizing and repairing doors with a mortise lock difficult. The cost of repairing or replacing a mortise lock is also much more than other locks given its uniqueness.

 KIK – A KIK cylinder lock works best when installed against a metal door handle or knob. Any other material can make the KIK much easier to break. If you are looking to install a KIK cylinder lock, ensure you seek service from a trained locksmith. It can be challenging to fix them. Install the lock wrong, and it won’t offer the same type of security.

 Interchangeable Core Cylinder – For a quick install and solution, consider the interchangeable core cylinder lock. This option is quite handy when you need a fast replacement of locks on doors that may have been compromised. An interchangeable core cylinder features six or seven-pin and can work well with a master key system. The downfall is that if you lose the key or require replacement of the lock, it is a costly fix.

 Euro Cylinder Lock – This features a high-secure anti-snap that, rather than snapping it in the middle, they snap at the end. Doing it like this means that the central part of the barrel prevents any possible interference.

 Oval Cylinder Lock – One of the least common locks, oval cylinder locks, offers limited options for sizes and brands. The oval cylinder is also limited in features because it does not provide the thumb turn lock option.


How Does a Cylinder Lock Work?

 Understanding the mechanism of a cylinder lock is quite easy. The cylinder lock requires pins (keys) that perfectly align with the ridges to free the cylinders to be able to rotate it and unlock the lock. When the key is turned, the cam pulls in on the bolt, allowing the door to open. When it is turned the opposite direction, it springs back into place the cam; thus, hindering the door shut.


Are Cylinder Locks Secure?

 Cylinder locks use a similar feature as deadbolts, making them just as secure as a deadbolt lock. The complexity of a cylinder lock makes it hard to penetrate, or in some cases, pick at.


Cylinder Lock Vs. Mortise Lock, What Are the Differences?

 For most, it may seem that the cylinder and mortise are the same; however, they are very different. The big difference is that the mortise lock is typically installed into a hollow door, while a cylinder lock is not. It requires a sturdy surrounding to help it. The installation between the two locks is quite different, as the cylinder lock requires some preparation before installation.


Locksmith for NYC is the leading manufacturer in the highest security market.

With the quality cylinders locks from these industry leading brands.


  • Schlage
  • Kwikset
  • Corbin Russwin
  • Yale
  • Marks
  • Arrow
  • Sargent
  • Baldwin
  • Mul-T-Lock
  • Medeco
  • Ilco
  • ASSA Abloy


  • Sizes Mortise Cylinder: 15/16″, 1”, 1.⅛”, 1.¼”, 1.½”, 1.¾”, 2”
  • Finish: Polished Brass, Satin Chrome, Duronitc and more…
  • Commercial/Residential
  • Regular security – Maximum security

Type tumbler lock :

  • Mortise Cylinder
  • Dummy Mortise Cylinder
  • Thumb Turn Cylinder
  • Rim Cylinder
  • Kik Cylinder
  • Deadbolt cylinder
  • Profile cylinder
  • Ic Core Cylinder

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