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The door handle is often overlooked, but it is an invaluable piece of equipment. Find out more about lever handles so that you’re prepared. Are they the best option for you and your door?

Lever Handle lock

What’s a lever door handle?

The lever latch door handle is the most basic and common of door handles. It sits on a backplate, and it is often found in public, commercial, and residential buildings. Doors that are fitted with such a handle have latches to keep the door shut. Then, a lever is what operates the latch and opens the door.

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Can I Mix knobs and levers?

We think that levers and knobs can go together very well. Crystal knobs were very common in Colonial and Victorian revival homes. You can also display green or blue pottery with such knobs.


How can you remove safety-first lever door locks?

If you need to remove your lever door lock with the safety-first feature, here are some ways to get them off the door. However, make sure that you consider the surface on which they are installed when deciding how to remove them. For example, you might need to use something gentle when taking it off of a painted wooden surface rather than a plastic one.

  1. Heat

You can use a hairdryer to gently and slowly warm the adhesive. Then, take a putty knife and remove all of the tape. This works well on glass, paint, and plastic. Sometimes, though, the heat from the dryer isn’t enough, so you can also add moisture. Switch up and use a steam iron or just put a wet rag on the tape and lock while still using the hairdryer. Be careful, though, as some paints and painted surfaces are damaged with water.

  1. Razor Blade

Consider prying off the lock carefully and then use razor blades to get rid of the tape.

  1. WD-40

If you can, please remove the locking mechanism first. Then, you can soak the tap using WD-40. However, you may not be able to remove the lock. You can still soak a rag in WD-40 and put it over the lock. This should ensure that it comes loose and can be removed.

  1. Hand Sanitizer or Alcohol

You can use hand sanitizer with an alcohol base or rubbing alcohol to remove the lock and tape. Soak a rag or cotton wool in either mixture and put it around the lock. You should leave it for a bit to help soften and weaken the tape. If left on there long enough, the tape might fully dissolve.

  1. 3M Adhesive Remover

A highly effective option is to use 3M Adhesive Remover. However, it’s more expensive than some of the other options. You can use it on glass and painted vinyl. Please note that it can remove wax, so you may not want it on waxed tables and other items.

These are just some of the effective ways to remove door handles and locks from the door. However, you may find others from the Internet. We’d like to hear if you’ve got other ways to remove such tape. 


How can I have childproof lever door handles?

You can find baby-proof covers and locks that are designed for lever handles specifically. These baby-proof handle covers work similarly to the others. In fact, the cover itself goes over the door handle and is secured using adhesive tape.

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