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Locksmith For NYC provide Mailbox Cam Lock Installation and Mailbox lock replacement services in NewYork City area.  Mailboxes are often overlooked, but they are important for keeping your mail safe and contained. Consider locking mechanisms to protect your information. You can also learn how to open a locked mailbox and much more.

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How do locking mailboxes work?

Generally, a USPS-approved curbside locking mailbox designed for residences is going to work the same as unlocked mailboxes along the curb. However, you’ve got to ensure that the USPS is going to approve the locking mailbox before having it installed. Then, the postal worker can deposit the mail through the slot or mail door, similar to that on a house. When the mail is in the secured and locked mailbox, your mail is protected from identity thieves and mail fraud. However, you require the key to open the mailbox before you can gather your mail. This is an extra step for you, though it doesn’t take away time from the postal worker delivering the mail. 

If you want a locking mailbox installed or have one without a key, please call (917) 696-8842 . We can help you get things taken care of swiftly.


Can I still get mail if my mailbox is broken?

If your mailbox is broken, it is against federal law for the postal worker to leave mail inside it. The Post Office is likely to try to contact you and notify you of the issue. Your mail delivery person might leave a note in the mailbox or call you if a number is on file. By law, the Post Office is required to hold your mail for two full weeks at the office in your city, town, or jurisdiction. 


What should I do if the mailbox lock on my box is broken?

When your mailbox is part of a multi-unit system, the USPS must handle the issue. However, if you do have a spare key to the broken one, you must return it. Ask your local Post Office to change the locks on the mailbox. Please remember that they are going to charge you for this service. Instead, you may want to call us at (917) 696-8842 . We can handle the lock change quickly and often have competitive prices, as well.

How can I drill out my mailbox lock?

Step 1: 

Use a 4mm drill bit and your power drill. Start drilling into your mailbox lock’s center. You should apply consistent and steady pressure here and try reaching a depth of about 16mm. Make sure you continue drilling the lock for about one to two minutes. You’re going to feel the mailbox lock loosen as you are drilling. Sometimes, the front door releases on its own. However, if yours doesn’t, you can use a flathead screwdriver, turning the lock counterclockwise to help release the door.

Step 2:

You now need to loosen the nut toward the back of the lock with a 12mm socket. When you have removed the nut completely, you can remove its CAM arm. Make sure that you keep the CAM arm safe, as you are going to need it later.

Step 3:

Remove the lock ring with a 22mm spanner.

Step 4:

Pop the lock outward from the front of your mailbox.

Step 5:

Put the new lock into the same lock hole, starting at the front of the mailbox and pushing inward. Now, add the lock ring and tighten it down.

Step 6:

Put the CAM arm back on the nut like it was before. Set it to the horizontal position so that it is pointing to the outside of your mailbox.

Step 7:

Tighten up the nut from the rear of your mailbox lock.

Step 8:

Put the key into the lock, close the door, and turn to lock the box.

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