Top Guard / Latch Protector Installation Service in NYC

What’s MUL-T-Lock’s top guard?

Even the most determined burglary attempts can’t break a MUL-T-LOCK’s Top-Guard since it is an indurated steel face which is hidden by an adorning cover plate that protects a MUL-T-Lock Rim Cylinder.

We provide Top guard installation, repair and replacement service in New York City.
Top guard The highest security rim cylinder protection. right choice for resistant for high security needs. it’s feeling safer than ever. We also install extra latch protectors & latch guard protection for Door Knobs Locks, Lever Handle Locks, Adams Rite locks, Mortise Locks for business or home.

Locksmith For NYC provides best security solutions for residential and commercial doors.

When it comes to choosing the right lock for your home, there are many options. We explain a few of the most common door lock types so that you are more familiar. Of course, we also discuss particular locks to help you get a better idea of what’s available.

Mul-T-Lock Top Guard Installation Services
Mul T Lock Top Guard Installation Services in NYC











What are latch protectors?

Door latch guards are there to prevent people from gaining unauthorized access to the latch bolt from the lockset. This can prevent break-ins and help you avoid repairs. They’re often used with cylindrical and mortise locksets. Plus, you can install them using left- or right-facing applications. We can help you install latch protectors. Please call (917) 696-8842 for more information.


Can chain door locks be effective?

A chain-door lock features a metal plate on the door and a separate ‘chain,’ which is attached to the doorframe. You insert the chain into the metal plate and slide it into place. That way, when you open the door with the lock engaged, it doesn’t open very far. Most of the time, placement is essential. That way, no one can get an arm inside the door and try to harm you.

These door chain locks are easy to use and install. They can provide some security when you’re dealing with a stranger. No one can tamper with them from the outside, which means the person trying to gain access must use physical force. This can give you peace of mind and the ability to re-shut the door and lock it. That way, you can call for help or deter the would-be intruder. Still, this isn’t the safest of locks. If you want to install one or prefer to replace it with a deadbolt, now is the time to call (917) 696-8842 and request a consultation.


Which locks can prevent burglars from lock snapping and entering my home?

A common way for burglars to break into homes is through the front door. One of the methods is called lock snapping which doesn’t require much skill as it requires force. The two top most recommended and secure locks are Medeco locks and Mul-T-Locks since it stands out for its strength and durability. 


How can I burglar-proof and secure the doors in my home or business?

The weakest and most vulnerable area of a door is the point of the deadbolt lock inserted into the doorjamb. A proper and strong kick can break the door along with the strike plate. Make sure that the screws holding the strike plates are not shorter than 3 inches. Locksmith for NYC offers the highest security locks to protect your home or business such as Adams Rite lock guards, Mortise lock guards and more. 

Reinforce your door and make it twice as strong by replacing the standard short screws with a 2.5 to 3 inch screw which will hit the stud. Make sure to only replace the middle screw since the top and bottom screws will only hit the sheetrock.

You’ve got many options for improving the security of your home through the door locks and hinges. For example, the doorknob or deadbolt might not go into the door frame far enough. You can replace the screws within the metal plates to help.



Top Guard installation services:

  • Guard Plate Completely Cover Rim Cylinder Leaving Only A 13/16” Hole For The Key
  • Regular security – Maximum security
  • Finish: Polished Brass, Satin Chrome and more.
  • Not including cylinder
  • Top guard for  jimmy proof locks

Latch Protector & Latch Guard Installation services:

  • Knob Guards – use for doorknob locks
  • Lever Guards – use for lever handle locks
  • Mortise lock guards – use Guards for apartment doors or offices
  • Adams rite lock Guards – use for stores or building front doors in New York City
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Mul T Lock Top Guard Installation Services
Mul T Lock Top Guard Installation Service in NYC


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Latch Protector and Latch Guard Installation in NYC
Latch Protector and Latch Guard Installation Service in New York City
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