Safe Installation Service In New York

Locksmith For NYC Provide Safe installation, Safe opening Services in New York City, We also offer 24 hour Residential and Commercial Safe Lockout Service.

Protecting your jewels is essential, and you can do this with a safe. Just make sure that you choose the right one. We quickly review some of the top choices to give you a better idea of what’s available.

Wall Safe installation in New York

Are fireproof safes really fireproof?

While fireproof safes are highly effective, they’re not damage proof completely. In fact, they may not always prevent a burglary. If theft is your primary concern, you may want to consider a burglary-proof safe.


How can you keep your jewelry safe at home?

Whether you have a business that deals with goods and cash or valuables in the home, you need to protect it. Floor safes can help to safeguard your belongings with tough hardware and secrecy. They can often be installed easily in the floorboards or a concrete foundation, and we have ranked them by ease of setup and security.

Amsec B1500 Super Brute Rectangular. This safe looks amazing and features a durable seal all around it. You also get a strong lock, which is brass.

Protex IF-1212SC. This small, B-rated safe features a lift-out door, drop slot, and much more.

Hollon B2500. With this safe, you get half-inch thick steel doors, five locking bolts, and a re-locker, which prevents burglary attempts.

Protex IF-3000C. The IF series can be installed in concrete and the ground, making it flush with the floor.

Hayman FS4000B. This safe is made of polyethylene, so it’s leak-resistant and rust-proof.

Barska Steel In-ground. This safe offers 0.89 cubic feet of storage and can be installed into the floor.

Amsec C7 Star. This is a cylindrical safe and lifts right out of the floor when needed.

Tracker Safe FS121514-DLG. With this safe, it’s non-fire insulated and goes into the floor.


Are home safes suitable?

Having a home safe could protect your valuables and personal documents. They can also ensure other’s safety by keeping certain dangerous things away from those who don’t know how to use them. If you want to have a home safe installed, please call  (917) 696-8842 , and we can help.


Does a locksmith know how to make a safe key?

Yes, a professional and skilled locksmith should be able to make a safe key even if you lost your key. Our licensed technicians have been training for years to master their skills and keep up to date with all sorts of technologies. A verification of ownership may be required for legal purposes.

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Locksmith for NYC is the leading manufacturer in the highest security market, including:
Gardall, AMSEC And more, With the quality safes from these industry leading brands.

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  • Record Safes
  • High Security TL Safes
  • Rated Safes
  • Fire & Burglary Safes
  • Jewelry Cabinet Inserts
  • Media Safes
  • Wall Safe Flange
  • Microwave Safes
  • Economical Record Safes
  • Wall Safes
  • Pistol Safes With Shelf
  • Floor Safes
  • Hotel Safes
  • Portable Pistol Safes
  • Gun Safes

Safe Installation Service + Safe Lockout Service (Unlock a Safe)

Here is what we can offer you:

    • We provide all the types safe for home or business. We specialized in safe installation services.
    • Our employees are top professionals with many years of experience. We have trained them to be Master locksmiths with all the necessary skills.
    • We give solutions for any situation, if we can’t do it, nobody can!
    • Carry top manufacturers, featuring the finest, most professional products available.
    • Quick service & guaranteed satisfaction.
    • Knowledgeable experts.
    • Licensed Insured Bonded Guarantee.
    • Quality and friendly services ready to help in any way.
    • Safety begins with Locksmith For NYC
    • We also offer locks installation, repair services, replacement services
    • available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
    • Do you forget the combination code for your safe or you lost the key don’t worry locksmith for NYC can help you for any situation. We experts handle all opening safe in NYC.
    • We work around the clock to provide you with all the locksmith services you need to customers across the 5 boroughs of New York City – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island and surrounding areas.

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Safe installation service
Safe installation service in New York

Gun Safe
Gun Safe fireproof in NYC

Wall Safe installation in New York
Wall Safe installation Service in New York

Fire and Burglary Safe
Gardall Fire and Burglary Safe

unlock Safe NYC
unlock Record Safe
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